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Ways to Support Breast Cancer Victims



National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October, recently passed. Though the yearly spotlight for this disease that affects many women and men has gone by, there are still ways to show your support to breast cancer victims. Awareness of breast cancer, support for victims, and research has become a hot button issue with people from all walks of life showing their concern for those that have been affected by the disease. Plenty of merchandise has been created to allow people to show their support for breast cancer victims, including pins, bumper stickers, apparel, and bags.

One of the first pieces of merchandise created to show support to breast cancer victims are breast cancer pins. These pins, created using the symbolic ribbon in the well-known pink color, can be purchased to show either that a person is a survivor of breast cancer or is supporting someone that has been a victim of it.

Men in Pink

The hue of pink connoting breast cancer awareness has expanded over time, allowing for more types of merchandise to be created. Everyone from survivors to family members to celebrities shows support by purchasing breast cancer products. Most men shy away from pink, but when watching a football game, players are wearing cleats, sweatbands, socks, and stickers that support breast cancer awareness. This makes other men more likely to buy and wear these items as well. This is especially significant as breast cancer not only afflicts women but men as well.

Walk for Support

Support can be shown also by completing walk-a-thons. The most prominent is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It is a 3-day walk over 60 miles that participants receive financial support from sponsors to aid in the development of research.

Different organizations also hold their own walks to support breast cancer. Some cities such as Atlanta, GA with It’s The Journey, Inc., a 2-day walk, have walked as well to raise money and awareness to support victims of the disease. Other organizations that put on walks are Avon, the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Network, and various other entities. Several of these put on multiple walks that people can participate in throughout the year to show support for breast cancer.

Giving Time

Time is a precious commodity, so what better way to show support for breast cancer victims than giving your time. Volunteering at hospitals, helping family members, and hosting fundraisers are just a few ways to offer support.

If you know a victim of breast cancer or are sympathetic to the cause, then show your support by wearing a pin or walking for the cure. Your time, money, and concern all give hope to those that have been plagued by breast cancer.