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Breast Cancer Survivors Honored with New Ribbon



The traditional breast cancer ribbon supports breast cancer awareness, education, and research. Still, it neglects a substantial population of cancer survivors who are uninsured or underinsured and unable to pay for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. That’s why My Hope Chest, a non-profit organization based in Florida, is proud to unveil the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Ribbon. This new ribbon supports the completion of the cancer journey through restorative, transformative surgery that allows women to put the disease behind them finally.

There’s no doubt that hundreds of breast cancer awareness groups exist across the United States, but each one focuses on preventing breast cancer or finding a cure. While these are admirable efforts that deserve attention, the simple fact is that many patients are unable to appreciate breast reconstruction after cancer takes part in their body from them. This is a hidden problem that is done flying under the radar thanks to the introduction of the new breast reconstruction awareness ribbon.

New Design

The colors in the new ribbon transition from one to the next, starting with pink on one end. This color associated with breast cancer awareness fades to white, the color representing the power of healing. White blends into yellow, a hopeful color signifying a fresh start. This symbolism represents the transition from being overcome by breast cancer to healing from the disease to beginning a fresh start and enjoying closure after winning the battle against breast cancer.

My Hope Chest yearns for the new breast cancer ribbon to uncover the need for uninsured and underinsured cancer patients who can’t afford reconstructive surgery to get the closure they need after fighting and winning this battle with their body. Brave breast cancer survivors have to sacrifice a piece of themselves to save their life, and the scars they live with can haunt them forever. Malformations from mastectomy can be repaired, and women can feel whole again if only funds were available to make much-needed reconstructive surgery available to those who need it.

Anyone who has survived breast cancer and enjoyed the transformation made possible by reconstructive surgery knows that it not only transforms the body, but it also heals the mind and strengths the spirit.

My Hope Chest was founded in 2003 by a breast cancer survivor who wants every woman who is subject to this disease to rise above and feel just as much like a woman after breast cancer as she did before the condition entered her body.