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How To Fight Against Stage 4 Breast Cancer



Cancer in general is defined to be an abnormal increase in the cell or tissues due to infection. There are several parts in the body, internal or external which can be the target of cancer. Breast Cancer is one of them affecting humans and animals as well. More than half of the total patients affected by breast cancer are recorded to be females. The origin of breast cancer is basically from two portions of the body. The inner milk duct and lobules are those parts and if they are affected, there seems to be cancer named, Ductal carcinomas and Lobular carcinomas respectively.

During diagnosis the doctors first know about the stage of cancer the patient is in. The stage in cancer refers to the magnitude of the tissue infected. More the stage more is the level of danger. Moreover, the staging information gives the doctors ample information to treat the tumor with reliable prognostic information. The staging test is carried out in both, pre-surgery and post-surgery conditions.

The staging is done relating to a system defined by the American Joint Committee, known as the TNM System. TNM refers to Tumor size, a number of lymph nodes involved, and whether metastasis is enabled. Metastasis is one of the critical conditions in cancer and evidently has its essence in Stage 4 Breast Cancer. The mutation property where the infected tissues from one side of the body move to another organ and affect it is called metastasis.

It is best in every possible case of cancer to start the diagnosis as early as possible. If the staging keeps on increasing then it becomes very difficult for the doctors and therapists to cure it. The survival rate for various stages is different with a 90% to 95 % survival rate on the first stage itself.

It keeps on decreasing with growing stages of cancer. The doctors have claimed that the survival rate for Stage 4 Breast Cancer is a mere 10% to 16%. When a patient has exhausted all the chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and all surgical excisions, doctors confirm the patient’s cancer to be Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

The doctors keep advising all the females as well as males to go through the self-examination process every month. The self-observation method is just to ensure not having any kind of growing glands in any part of the body. This is basically an external observatory process and there seems no self-made process to detect cancer growing internally in an early stage. So it is advisable for woman/man who has attended a 20 to 40 years of age to go for their medical checkup (breast especially for a woman) at least once in 3 years.

After crossing 40 years of age they should go for a checkup once in a year. Stage 4 of breast cancer is considered to be the most difficult and terminal stage of cancer. At this stage, if a patient comes fresh for diagnosis, then it is very difficult for the doctors to provide them with suitable consolidation. Many of the reputed doctors failed and give up their hands for the treatment. But most of them still try several aspects that could save the precious life of the patient.

Some of the diagnosis methods doctors adopt are chemotherapy which is considered to be the last therapy used to fight the cancer cells in a big way. It is utilized in a customized way considering the fact that the same treatment results in unique ways for different patients.

Tomotherapy and several other forms of radiotherapy have been found successful in burning breast cancer cells. The most difficult task in treating breast cancer is fighting against metastasis. So as a solution doctors use therapy to enhance the immune system by recruiting natural killer cells to locate and kill the mutating cells.