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4 Essential Skills You Need To Become a Beauty Therapist



Being a beauty therapist can be a lot of fun. However, your job, as a beauty therapist, will not be limited to putting makeup on people and making them look beautiful.

You’ll have to understand the health and wellness of people and use your knowledge and understanding to make them look better and feel more confident. You will be concentrating not only on hair and makeup, but also hair removal, extensive nail work, manicures and pedicures, heat treatments, and whole-body treatments.

As a beauty therapist, you’ll be the one people would choose to consult regarding their hair and skin needs. As the skin and hair vary from person to person, you’ll need to have the knowledge of all.

Of course, you can’t get up one fine day, decide you want to become a beauty therapist, and then go looking for a job. There are a number of attributes and requirements that a person must have in order to work as a beauty therapist. The following are the attributes and requirements that you should have in order to work as a beauty therapist.

#1: Personal style

There are certain things that cannot be acquired. You either have them or you don’t.

Just the way an aspiring writer needs to have a way with words and the ability to write, similarly, an aspiring beauty therapist should have a sense of style.

Style is the most misunderstood word in the world. Style does not mean you wear swanky and expensive clothes, perfume, and makeup. It simply means that you know what looks good and what an eyesore is. It also means that you take care to ensure you look good and presentable and that you put some effort into it.

If you don’t have a sense of style, then don’t go running off to beauty school as it will do you no good.

#2: Training

Once you have realized that you do have a sense of style, you’ll need to be trained. You’ll have to enroll yourself in a beauty school. Learn everything related to beauty and health – hair to skin to nails.

When you are enrolled in a beauty school, you’ll learn about facials, diagnosis of skin, pedicures, waxing, threading, manicures, laser hair removal, makeup, tinting, body, and spa treatments, aromatherapy, body massage, managing small businesses, and salons.

If you are confident and have the finances, you can start your own salon once you have finished school.

#3: Experience

If you learn just the theory and are let loose on clients, you’ll not do a very good job. You’ll need a lot of experience before you can start off on your own.

Your school will focus a great deal on practical experience and internships. This will prove to be a great opportunity for you to try out new things. You could learn about new equipment or maybe a new technique.

You can also start working part-time at salons and parlors near your home. This way, you’ll not only get experience, but you’ll also make some money on the side. You could also ask your friends and relatives to volunteer for free facials and massages. This is one way you can get a lot of practice.

#4: Caring nature

As a beauty therapist, you’ll be responsible for making people look beautiful and feel wonderful. Looking and feeling good makes people happy, and happiness reduces stress. So, in a way, you’ll be responsible for the health of your clients. This can only be possible if you work in close tandem with your clients and understand their needs and requirements.

You’ll have to care about your clients and give them advice that will help them achieve their goals. You should not be giving advice just to make them pay for expensive treatments. You’ll have to do a wonderful job with your clients not because you are being paid for it, but because you really care about the outcome.

You need to understand that beauty is not just about the skin. It is about the whole plumbing system inside that you cannot see. You must be interested in the way a body functions and you must have adequate knowledge. To help someone look beautiful you’ll have to understand the connections between beauty, well-being, and health and use it positively. You’ll be helping others understand various ways of getting to know their bodies in a holistic manner.