Beauty In Ageing – Skin Care Advice for All Ethnicities

One of the biggest skin care challenges we face as women is how to keep our skin looking healthy and fabulous as we age, regardless of our ethnicity. Signs of age differ depending on skin pigmentation, which means that the best regime for you depends on your tone. Here are some handy hits for the four major skin ethnicities.

White Skin

White skin is prone to presenting the earliest signs of aging, largely because of its lack of defence from the sun. The best skin care advice for light skin is to shield it from direct sun light, and to avoid any kind of sunburn. Think stylish hats or parasols when you’re on sunny vacations, and wear a moisturiser with good UV protection all year round.

Middle Eastern Skin

If you have skin typical of ladies in the Middle East or Southern Asia then you will be pleased to know that wrinkles probably aren’t something you will have to worry about until your 50s. Women of middle years only need to invest in an anti-aging cream at night to keep their skin nourished and supple. A good moisturising routine in early life will keep the skin healthy and hydrated against the sun and help prevent dark spots from showing up later on. If you do suffer from these dark patches, a good lightening lotion will help to restore your natural tone.

Asian Skin

Lighter Asian skin has more pigment than white skin, meaning that the wrinkles will stay at bay for longer. Moisturiser with UV protection is still a sensible idea though, particularly if you spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. Shielding from the sun can also help to prevent dark spots. If these do occur then there are a number of skin lightening creams that break up the melanin and help restore an even tone.

Black Skin

The darker the skin, the better its defence against the sun, which mean that dark-skinned ladies have the happy advantage of avoiding wrinkles well into their twilight years. One problem is that skin can sag a little, losing its usual bounce and fullness. An anti-aging cream with collagen-stimulating properties can help to alleviate this problem.

Obviously there are many skin tones in between these general categories, but these tips can be used as a guideline to help you maintain gorgeous skin throughout the years.

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