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Lets Dance !



Dance moves are dominating the new raft of keep fit crazes at the moment – and Sh’Bam is no exception.

Promising to burn 500 calories in a 45-minute workout, Sh’Bam is based around Latin and hip hop music, set to a soundtrack of familiar classics remixed and brought bang up-to-date by the likes of Usher and Cher Lloyd.

Sh’Bam is simple, sociable, and shape-changing, the ultimate fun way to exercise and keep in trim.

It’s a stand-alone dance routine with unique choreography that changes – along with the music – every three months.

Guaranteed to Get You Moving

It’s an uncomplicated combination of high intensity moves set to a Latin beat that’s guaranteed to get you in the mood – and in better shape – in no time.

Dance steps can be kept as simple as you like – you follow the choreography and add as much extra effort to the moves as you feel comfortable with.

It’s for people of all fitness levels, guaranteed to burn on average 506 calories during each ¾ hour class, tone and shape up your body, increase cardiovascular fitness, and improve coordination into the bargain.

Perfecting the basic moves is easy – and it’s so much fun you’ll quickly forget you’re even exercising at all.

Working Towards a Healthier You

Anyone can take part in Sh’Bam classes – all you need is loose, comfortable clothing, a decent pair of trainers, and the will to work towards a fitter, healthier you.

Trainers recommend Sh’Bam three times a week for maximum effect.

  • BodyAttack will take you one step further on the road to fitness – in a sports-inspired cardio workout also set to powerful, foot-stomping music.

This high-intensity discipline will burn off an average of 735 calories in less than an hour, improving agility, strength, and endurance and promoting heart and lung fitness.

Getting ‘into the zone’ involves two intense peaks of activity, each followed by recovery and conditioning tracks that allow time to wind down.

BodyAttack is designed for those with moderate levels of fitness, and is designed to burn calories, tone and shape your body, raise stamina and develop core strength.

It will also increase heart and lung capabilities and enhance bone health and density.

It’s a full-body cardio workout to music – in a series of low and high-impact moves that will appeal to those who can strut their stuff on the dance floor…and equally to those who have a next-to-no sense of rhythm at all!