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5 Reasons Every College Student Should Look Into Nursing



College students are often unsure about their degree choice and about the direction they want to take their education and career. Some students are fighting parental desires with their own goals. Students choose a degree for any number of reasons including career outlook, subject desirability, and prestige. There exists one career field that fulfills all of these reasons, and that field is nursing. Here are five reasons why every college student should look into nursing as a degree and career option.

1. Job Outlook

The job outlook for nursing is growing and will grow for years to come. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Licensed Practical Nursing positions are expected to increase faster than average between 2010 and 2020. Registered nursing is expected to grow even faster than Licensed Practical Nursing, at a rate of 26% between 2010 and 2020.

2. Payoff

Above minimum-wage jobs in nursing can be obtained in as little as a few months with a certificate program as a nurse’s aid or certified nursing assistant. There are jobs at every level of education, from associate’s degree to doctorate level. The pay is worth the price of education and is one of the better payoffs among college degrees. Licensed Practical Nurses make an average pay of over $40,000 a year; Registered Nurses make an average of over $64,900 a year. Very few degrees offer this pay at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels.

3. Impact

Nursing is one career where an individual can make a real impact. Nursing involves improving quality of life and in many cases saving a life. Nurses are often the first and last point of care for a patient and are the face of healthcare. Nursing as a job leaves a lasting impact on the clients served. Unlike paper-pushing, nursing makes a real difference in people’s lives.

4. Opportunities

A nursing degree opens many doors, from in-home caregiving to writing, teaching, or case management. Nursing degree graduates will find jobs no matter where in the country they work or what hours they need. The opportunities for work and career options are endless. Nurses can also switch specialties if they are bored; unlike other fields, nurses aren’t locked into one specialty. There are even competitive bonuses with the military for nurses who sign on for active duty.

5. Pride

Nurses are respected. Nursing is a career that everyone will admire. Nurses are highly trained professionals that do more than wipe noses and dispense medication. A degree in nursing is one that students can be proud of since not everyone makes it into or through a nursing degree program.

Students looking for a fast-growing, well-paying, and a highly respected job should look into nursing. Nursing is both mentally challenging and emotionally awarding and is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. College is expensive, but a career in nursing allows degree students to quickly pay off debt and live the lifestyle they want to lead. Nursing has a lasting impact and has value to society. For these reasons, every college student should look into nursing.