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What to Consider When Buying a New Bed



There are 3 Basic, but important aspects of any good bed – Let’s see what they are:

The Width:

When selecting the width of your bed, one needs to consider a few aspects first – like the number and size of people who will be using it. Bed and mattresses with a small width of around 92cm (36 inches) are typically suitable for children, but not for adults. 137cm (54 inches) can be comfortable for an adult, but you would require a wider bed if more than one person will be sleeping on it.

It’s interesting to note that sharing a double bed of 137cm (54 inches) allows for only 685mm (27 inches) of sleeping space for each person. That is comparable to the width of a baby cot’s mattress. Whenever you buy a new bed, you need to ensure that the width of the bed is comfortable for whoever will be sleeping on it. It’s crucial that your bed is wide enough to allow for sufficient movement.

The Length:

The second thing one needs to consider is the length of the bed. Again, the length of the bed depends solely on the height of the individual for whom it is intended. If the length of the bed is not selected considerately, it can lead to major discomfort. You also need to take the size of your room into consideration, since a big bed might clutter a tiny room.

For short to average height adults, a length of 188cm (74 inches) should be adequate. This is often typically referred to as a ‘standard length bed’. Then again, a taller individual will need an ‘extra length bed’ – which is 200cm (78 inches) long. If you have the room space available, rather buy the longer bed.

The Firmness:

The final thing to determine is how frim you want your bed to be. Most people believe the firmest/hardest bed is the best bed, when in fact a soft bed can be just as good. The firmness or softness of the bed depends on one’s sleeping habits and the condition of one’s neck and back.

If you suffer from back pain or a bad neck – a firmer bed would be best. You also need to take into account your sleeping position. Then again, a softer mattress would be the better option if you sleep on your side.  If you sleep on your stomach or back, you will require a mattress that is soft enough to contour to your body, but firm enough to support it. Therefore – when choosing the firmness of your mattress, ensure that it evenly distributes pressure across your entire body.

To Conclude:

When it comes to buying beds – it pays to do some research. The 3 most important factors that you need to consider whilst picking a bed is width, length, and firmness. A balanced combination of these 3 factors will ensure that you receive quality sleep, which further leads to improved health.