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Healing from an Injury Takes Time and Patience



Whether you are healing from an injury yourself or are caring for someone who is; it can be a very stressful time. There is so much that changes. Things such as walking to the kitchen or making it to the restroom can be time-consuming tasks and this can cause a lot of frustration and anger. The best thing to do is try to keep your cool and take it one day at a time (which we realize is easier said than done). Below are a few tips to help you along the way; you may want to refer to them regularly to keep yourself on the right track. Reminders are especially helpful during difficult times.

Never Skimp on Stretches

After an accident, it’s important that you keep up with your physical therapy. This is what will get you back to your normal self the quickest. While it can be easy to want to skip a day or two or say ‘I’ll do it later’, these are habits that should be avoided. Strengthening those weakened areas of the body is imperative to quick and easy recovery. The less you do what you were told to, the more pain and discomfort you will have, and the longer it is going to take to get back to the ‘old you’.

Everyone Heals Differently

No two bodies are alike. While many of us have things in common such as likes, dislikes, or fears; there are many ways that people heal. The great news is keeping up with your exercises is going to help you get to where you want to be. However, even when you do everything in your power to get better, things may not go exactly how you’d planned or expected.

If this happens, stay focused and don’t give up. Work closely with your doctor and physical therapist each and every step along the way and they can help you stay on track. Sometimes a minor tweak to your usual approach to various situations can do wonders for the long term.

Be Prepared to Make Changes to Your Daily Routine

So many areas of life are affected when someone is injured. As we mentioned earlier, things such as grabbing a bite to eat or going to the bathroom can become tasks that are extremely difficult. Although it will not happen overnight, it is important that you take additional time for everything you do.

It’s similar to how you drive in the winter, versus how you drive during the warm months of the year. There is a lot more preparation and time required to drive through tough weather conditions.

Mind and Body Connection

Staying positive can be difficult during times of recovery, but keeping your mindset upbeat as often as you can is going to actually help your body heal quicker. Studies over the years have proven that those who are depressed or upset much of the time actually have weaker immune systems so they have a harder time fighting off illness and typically get sick more often.