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Keeping Cool During Pregnancy



As summer moves in and temperatures rise, if you are pregnant you may start to feel more uncomfortable than usual. This is because, when you are pregnant you feel the heat more due to the increased blood circulation throughout your body. You will also be carrying more weight and this too makes you have a slightly higher temperature than normal. Even when the weather is cool, you can still feel overheated due to these factors.

Here are a few tricks which can help you to stay cool and comfortable in warm conditions:

Drink More Water

Pregnant or not, it is vital that our bodies remain hydrated. This helps us to remain cool and it also helps us to not feel tired so easily. It is best to drink water or fruit juice but if you do prefer a hot drink, then choose herbal teas or decaffeinated tea or coffee to prevent the diuretic effect

Take a lukewarm shower which is tepid rather than cold for an instant cooling effect or maybe try holding your wrists under a cold running tap.

Choose Lighter Clothing

Loose, breathable fabrics are best when it comes to fending off the heat. Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, and silk will allow your skin to breathe and feel more comfortable against your skin.

Choose lighter footwear such as sandals to allow your feet to breathe and remain cool or you could treat yourself to a cooling foot spray.

If you have long hair, then tie it up away from the back of your neck as this tends to trap heat in and make you feel uncomfortable.

Cooling Your Home

A great idea to cool your home in the summer is to invest in air con hire. Hiring a portable air conditioning unit is more affordable than you think and they can be rented long or short term. They are especially good for use in the bedroom as they regulate the temperature to offer the perfect night’s sleep. Aircon units also filter out any pollens, pollution and smell from the outside air and this helps to create a pleasant, cool, and safe space for mother and baby.

Another way to cool your home is to open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the home. There is nothing nicer than a fresh summer breeze making its way through your house.

Buy or Hire a Fan. If you do not choose air conditioning hire, then maybe you could buy or hire an electric fan to keep air circulating in your chosen room.


Try not to rush around so much. Try to allow time to make journeys, tidy the house, and do the shopping. Sometimes it is good to draw up a list of jobs for the day and then you feel more organized and less stressed. Try not to worry and take things as they come along.

Don’t be ashamed of ‘me time’. Take the time to put your feet up, enjoy a cool drink and watch a bit of TV or enjoy the sights and sounds of your garden from a nice shady spot.