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How Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Business Profitability



How Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Business Profitability

Anybody who tells you that having an air conditioning system installed within your workplace will increase the profit margins of your business must surely be talking absolute rubbish! Mustn’t they?

Upon first glance, it seems that any substantial luxury investment in any capital equipment will only put a dent in the annual profits, but there is certainly more than meets the eye. Perhaps an air conditioning system is more than just that, maybe it has the potential to allow your workforce to actually get more done. Let’s find out how.

Comfort Unlocks Creativity

When you’re sat in a stuffy environment suited to the nines trying to manage your day-to-day workload can all seem too much. Your clothes feel too tight, your chair feels too warm and for some reason, the to-do list is just not getting done. It seems you have a creative block because all you can think about is getting out of the office, with a cool drink in hand and relaxing somewhere away from the stress and tension. A comfortable environment however has the opposite effect. An environment where you’re happy to work is conducive to productive and creative work. It’s creativity that allows any person within any role to excel in the tasks in hand. Comfort really is the key to allowing your employees to fulfill their roles to the greatest potential. Are you sitting comfortably while you read this? If so, you will more than likely get to the end of the article, if not, you will probably think you’ve heard it all now and finish there. But carry on, there is more to this un-obvious example of how investing in air-conditioning will make your business more profitable.

Too stressed to work

Naturally, if you are warmer than you feel comfortable with then it goes hand-in-hand you will also begin to feel more stressed in whatever you’re doing. Think about it, if you’re stuck in your car and it’s a warm sunny day, a traffic jam really is your worst nightmare. People are shouting and swearing and getting extremely stressed and frustrated.

It is well documented that excessive heat levels within the workplace causes excess stress and massively reduces productivity, lower productivity means lower profit margins, can you see where we’re going with this?

Shivering lowers concentration

Air conditioning is also a fast and effective way to heat the building as well as cool. Another great benefit of using air conditioning to heat rather than any other form of heating is that it’s the most efficient, fast, and effective way to do so. A cold trembling workforce will spend most of their time bickering between one another and making remarks about the temperature and how difficult it is to work and concentrate. Too many tea and coffee breaks reduce the time spent at works. Lower concentration, lower profit margins!

Absenteeism through a poor indoor climate

There are a few ways here that extra absenteeism is more common by not having a well-maintained air-conditioning system installed. Firstly, it is again a well-documented fact that a condition known as sick building syndrome causes billions of pounds of unneeded sick days annually simply because colds, viruses, and bacteria spread around offices like wildfire. Now, you may have heard that these cold and viruses get spread through the air conditioning systems. So, you say, air conditioning in this case could actually be a culprit! As long as the air conditioning system is correctly maintained and it is a newly installed system with viruses and indoor climate in mind, then the systems can be installed with an antibacterial virus filter within them. This would actually kill all airborne viruses and therefore creates a cleaner working environment and you can guess what is coming? Less absenteeism, therefore more productivity, and more profitability.

Summary of how air conditioning a building maximizes your profits

A professionally installed air conditioning system within any workplace can prevent so many profit pitfalls that the everyday business is living with. The obvious stress and illness associated with poor indoor climates are something that every working person has experienced at some point within the lives. An indoor air quality that maximizes the health and comfort of your workforce really does have the potential to limit all of the profit pitfalls associated with your staffs’ comfort.

Air conditioning is definitely not going to do the work for you, and some may argue, it doesn’t have the capability and therefore not as necessary as other investments such as faster PCs or better printers. But these will only slightly improve the productivity of your work staff. An office full of stressed-out unmotivated bickering people really is not conducive to working at full potential. As any business owner knows, maximizing the potential of staff and reducing their downtime really is an effective way to increasing profit margins.