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How to Stick to a Strict Diet Plan



How to Stick to a Strict Diet Plan

When most people think of dieting, they imagine munching on celery for dinner and dreaming of chocolate cake. Most fad diets are a waste of time. What you need to do is create a healthy plan for yourself and take it steady. Crash dieting will only lead to heartache when you find yourself binging on pizza a few weeks down the line. Dieting shouldn’t mean starving yourself.

Get Motivated

You should be motivated by a healthy means, not by size 0 models. Whether you want to be fit and active for your children or if you have a problem with depression that can be mitigated by wholesome eating, picture your motivation for staying on track whenever you’re tempted by candy.

Face It Gradually

Every few weeks, make an adjustment to your diet. Taking on everything at once can become overwhelming. Know that you’ve tackled each adjustment before you add a new one – for example, in week one, swap all fizzy and sugary drinks to water.

After you feel like you’ve happily accepted that change, start substituting your chocolate bars for fresh fruit…and so on. This is a much healthier way to diet that’s easier to stick with.

Don’t Be Extreme

Never ever ever cut out a food group. Sure, it may be beneficial to reduce your intake of sugar or fat, but your body needs all these things to function properly. Fad diets may make you lose a lot of weight in a short space of time, but as soon as you go off-diet, you’ll pile on the pounds. Choose an approach to dieting that promotes long-lasting changes.

Eat Foods You Love!

If you hate celery, don’t eat it just because you think you should. Eat foods because you love them and they’re healthy. Snackage inspiration: carrots and houmous; yogurt with granola; crackers and cheese; toasted cashew nuts and berries; fresh fruit; edamame beans; frozen yogurt; sushi and miso soup.

Pack Food

Do your own lunch. Say goodbye to the work canteen. Make yourself healthy meals and always take snacks with you. Eat some light bites when you get hungry between meals and avoid naughty foods like crisps or chips. If you let yourself get hungry, you’ll binge, because your blood sugar levels are low. Weight loss and management is simpler than you think if you take it slow.

Indulge Yourself

Don’t feel guilty about the odd chocolate bar every once in a while; just eat healthily most of the time. When you have cravings for a brownie, substitute with berries or fruit – something sugary that’s good for you.

Keep Temptation Out Of Your Home

If it’s not in the home, you won’t be able to snack on it – simple as that. Instead, fill your cupboards with tasty, healthy alternatives.

Don’t Stuff Your Face

Eat slowly and stop when you’re almost full. Never push yourself to clear your plate if you’re satisfied. When you do fall off the wagon, burn off the nosh with an intense workout later. Don’t beat yourself up over the mistake and get back on track.