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Hate Exercising? Tips to Help You stay Motivated



Are you looking for ways to be more motivated in order to get back in shape? This time of year can be an overwhelming time to try to maintain balance. With the holidays, back to school, sports, events, partying, and entertaining, it makes it hard to put yourself first. But staying in shape is important for a balanced life, if you want more motivation to exercise these tips can help.

Set Mini-Goals

A good thing to do is to set mini-goals instead of unrealistic big plans. Instead of focusing on a whole month, focus on a one-week goal such as “I will work out for 40 minutes at least five days this week.”

Write it Down

Record your progress keeping a food journal or daily exercise routine counter is a good way to see if you’re staying on track. There are many online journals that you can program in or apps for your phone where you just type in the exercise in as well as the food you ate and it will calculate how much you still have for the day.

Enlist Friends

You can enlist friends to join in and be your workout buddies and you can share your goals and reports of them often.

Watch out for Willpower Drains

Scheduling when you work out has an impact on how you work out. If you choose to work out in the evening something that happens during the day could affect your motivation such as a boring presentation or a frustrating meeting at work.

Instead, pick a time that you can commit to every day first thing in the morning every lunch break or immediately when you get off of work but make sure that you find the motivation and your willpower is not drained.

Focus on the Positive

Let go of your past when you’re trying to lose weight and stay motivated to exercise. Forget about your failures and the things that have happened in the past.

Just look at your goal, what you are reaching for instead of focusing on the past, and the mistakes you can inevitably learn from them and keep focusing.

Brush Your Teeth

One way to stay in shape is to make sure you take care of your overall health and an easy way to do that is to make sure you’re paying attention to your daily habits such as brushing your teeth and flossing.

Recent research shows that people who brushed their teeth after every meal ate less and lost weight. This is because the toothpaste has a natural sweet flavor which can fight any additional cravings after each meal. Which means fewer calories and a slimmer waistline.