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How to Enjoy Christmas Food without Guilt



Dr. thomas taylor shares healthy foods that can help reduce your overall caloric intake

Is there a way to enjoy Christmas food without feeling guilty? A lot of people are probably thinking about this question right now especially because the holiday season has started and Christmas parties are happening almost every day with food at the heart of it all. So what’s the answer to the question? The answer is yes! There is a way to enjoy Christmas and all the food served during parties and celebrations without feeling guilty even one bit.

Below are some suggestions you might want to do this Christmas season as you attend Christmas parties where food is served.

Choose Wisely

This is a very basic tip when trying not to gain weight – choose wisely the food you will eat. Know which food is laden with too much fat and sugar and avoid them. If avoiding them will be too hard for you (some people develop severe cravings when they tell themselves “no”), take a small bite just to satisfy your cravings – nothing more. The key is to know how much is too much; how much is unhealthy; and how much is okay.

Tables during Christmas feasts overflow with food of different sorts – from sweets to meats and different cheeses. How will you remain ‘steadfast and immovable’? Sometimes the answer is to feast first with your eyes. Go around the buffet table and take note of which food you really like to have. It may sound improper but as long as you do it subtly, your host will not mind at all. He or she might not even notice. When you’ve finally decided, get your plate and then go directly to the foods you like. Take very small amounts of each just to satisfy your cravings.

It will also be very safe if you choose more vegetables and fruit and get only very little red meat. Get a generous serving of salads – without or with very little salad dressing. Avoid food with too much gravy and deep-fried foods. For your drinks, drink water and do not drink soda or soft drinks.

Chew Your Food Well

This suggestion may seem odd to some people, but there is truth to this. Chewing the food well instead of just swallowing them one after the other can actually help you maintain a healthy weight. Proper digestion of food starts the moment the teeth grind the food in the mouth.

Be On Your Feet  

When you’re done eating, stand up and move around. This will help your body stay active and the digestion process up and about.

These three (3) suggestions are really easy to follow. Do these and enjoy the holidays and the food that comes with it without guilt. Happy holidays!