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So This is How It Feels like Being on the Seventh Heaven



We all love our homes, and we also love to decorate them with goodies and all things nice. Accessorizing our homes is one of our favorite pastimes, is it not? So let’s quickly take a check through our checklist for the perfect home, the perfect wall color – check, the perfect furniture – check, a fireplace – check, the best decors – check, the ideal ambiance – check. Looks like we are almost done, but did we forget the bed! Or do we still have the same old traditional bed?

Your First Step Towards Heaven Itself

With all the hip and happening things in your home, one cannot stick around with that old clumsy piece of furniture, isn’t it? And trust me we have more than enough reasons for a change you must bring in. Do you, like me want to feel like being on the seventh heaven every time you strike your bed? If yes, then you have already found your very first reason, and trust me it is going to be your best reason as well.

For starters let me tell you how different it is from our traditional beds. It is an inflatable mattress or we can say a sleeping pad. Now we are going to tell you your reason number two, it is due to its inflatable nature highly portable and occupies very little space, helping to incredibly in de-cluttering your home. Now that is some benefit is it not! Now let us get a little serious, your third reason is very scientific in nature. It is very important for us to sleep and rest on a bed which helps our body to relax and regain its lost energy so that we can unwind and get charged up and ready for the next day.

An air bed not only gives you the right buoyancy and firmness but it also gives you the unique ability to alter its buoyancy and firmness as and when required by simply inflating it only as much as required. Last but not the least, and a very important reason is its ease and simplicity. It is so easy to maintain, use, store and also carry around that it justifies its presence at your home in all ways possible and makes it an absolute must-have.

Carry the heavens with you

Yes, you did read it right. You can carry it with you. And what’s more, is that it has more than one use to it. You can also use it as a water toy or floating device. Believe me, it is an absolute favorite of children around the world. A Sunday by the pool is actually incomplete without a floating bed in it, is it not? Then why buy a separate floating toy when we already have an air bed for ourselves. Isn’t this utterly amazing! Now it’s time for the cherry on the cake! Air beds come in various forms, even convertible ones, and are readily online at very low prices in stores and online. So are you ready for the seventh heaven?