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Get Fit For the Holidays



On average, Americans gain about 6 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve every year. That is 6 pounds in roughly 5 weeks. It is not surprising to hear this statistic with the many dinners and gatherings, combined with poor weather for outdoor activity. It is also hard to say no to a large home cooked meal from mom while home for the holidays. After all of the events and food comas, many are left with a little unwanted padding that was not there before.

There are ways to get fit despite having a busy schedule. Sometimes it takes just a little extra effort and creativity. Opportunities are present in day to day life that many do not notice that can help maintain fitness while enjoying the season.

If a trip home is in the cards, consider contacting old friends for a pickup game of some sort. This can be a great way to catch up and bond while working up a good sweat. Taking advantage of open gyms at high schools or visiting a park is also a good way to “take in” the holiday while staying active.

Shopping is a common activity during the holiday season. This is a good time to get some walking in. If a shop is a few blows away, walk there, do not drive. Inviting others along for the trip can not only make it last longer (and burn more calories) but can make some fun memories.

While partaking in the upcoming holiday meals and gatherings, take a moment to consider portion control. Start off with a smaller plate and eat slowly. There is a good possibility a small plate at a gathering is still substantive in size compared to the typical meal.  Instead of gorging in a meal, this is a good time to converse with friends and family and enjoy the moment.

Interval training is a good way to cut fat and shed pounds. It also takes a small amount of time to get great results. Doing different rounds of exercises, in short, quick bursts to get the best results. A good time to do interval training is bright and early before the chaos ensues. Plus this can burn calories throughout the entire day.

Even though the holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing, it is important to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By taking advantage of the downtime and different resources, Americans can stop the weight gain cycle and still have a fulfilling holiday season.