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How Can Interval Training Sometimes Prove to Be Harmful?



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Interval training is hailed as far better than cardio exercises but “generic” interval workouts are not at all good for health as they claimed to be. Nowadays, you can come around several fitness magazines and new trainers who really do not know what they are saying about. In fact, sometimes they even advise you such workouts and exercises that can pose a lot of problems at the later stage of your life. In this article, some of the common problems that one can face with the use of the interval program are discussed thoroughly.

Probably you are continuing with some sorts of fat burning exercises but have you ever think about the results that you are getting? Are you really getting any results or you are just wasting your time? Are you happy with your workout? Are you enjoying it? Can you think when you last practiced your interval workouts, saying “wow? It is really great”? Of course, you might seem this funny but actually there are interval workouts that can make you say wow each time you practice and that will be discussed in the latter part of this post.

Old intervals do not work for long

Yes, it is completely true that if you are practicing the same regular intervals, then after some time it will stop showing any results. For effective results, you should change your programs every 4 to 6 weeks. If you continue them month after months, then the response rate will definitely slow down. So, if you are practicing any interval program and still stuck with pounds of fats in your body, then it high time that you opt for some new workouts.

Intervals can be dangerous

Sometimes when you are practicing interval programs just because you love to do them or you have seen someone doing, it can really affect your health. If you do not know what you are practicing, then it is advised to not to follow an advanced program on treadmills.

Start slowly and safely with the help of a trainer who can guide you step by step. Many people think that these kinds of programs are not meant for beginners but the actual truth is that if you get a good professional trainer, then beginners can also perform these easily. Fortunately, among the new set of 31 Interval Training Workouts, there are several workouts that are designed for beginners.

What kinds of workouts you should follow for intervals

Well, now you have come to know that you need to change interval programs after every 4 to 6 weeks but have you thought that what types of exercises should you follow? Have you ever think that which can be the perfect one for your body type?

Adrenaline intervals, aerobic intervals, and Tabatas are some of the common interval programs that are suitable for everyone. For advanced knowledge, it is suggested to hire a professional trainer.

In the above 3 steps, you can get a clear idea about interval programs which are quite essential if you are planning to give a new startup. If you think that you are getting bored, then there is room for a change.

The best part of the interval program is that you can change your exercises after a definite period of time. So, there is no scope of becoming bore with these sorts of exercises. But, again will power and self-motivation are the two essential key factors that you would need to possess. Exercises are always boring but they are the best option for weight loss.

As a newbie, if you are still not feeling energetic to start up with your interval program, then just close your eyes think of the moments when your friends have teased you for being so fat or your favorite dress that no longer fits you. Hopefully, these are enough reasons to motivate you for starting the workouts!