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Psoriasis Triggers are Easily Avoided

When someone has one autoimmune condition it is pretty likely that they have more than that one. This is why folks with the condition known as Psoriasis should make a point of identifying their Psoriasis triggers because they are often related to additional health issues. And some Psoriasis triggers are related to other medications too.

Just consider that sunburn is a huge trigger for those with psoriasis, but it is also something that people who use a wide range of medications get easily too. If you already know you have psoriasis, you have to be especially aware of your medication making you even more prone to sunburn and an eruption of the skin condition.

Rather than making a meandering exploration of the variously known Psoriasis triggers, let’s just go over them in an organized list:

  1. Drinking – alcohol is one of the most well-known Psoriasis triggers in addition to a long list of medications. It is interesting to note that many studies determined that even two to three drinks each week will increase the rate at which a person with psoriasis experiences an outbreak. The answer is to simply avoid alcohol whenever possible;
  2. Winter – just like a good sunburn can cause a sudden flare of psoriasis, the winter months with their Sahara like dryness and their brutal cold can also serve as major Psoriasis triggers. The keys here are to use a humidifier in the home whenever the heating system is at work, to moisturize the skin immediately after a shower or bath, and to use extra moisturizers (no perfumes or dyes please!) on the areas prone to breakouts. Don’t forget hats, scarves, and gloves as essential gear for protecting the skin too;
  3. Modern life – that was to check if you were paying attention! It isn’t modern life that is a trigger, but the stress that typifies most modern lives that is certainly among the key Psoriasis triggers of them all. Isn’t it enough to pay the bills, get to work, put food on the table, and keep your life in order? You also have to deal with the pressure of the psoriasis condition. You do what you can to hide it, but when you worry about people seeing it, it only seems to get worse. The best solution is to take yourself shopping for garments that allow you to conceal the skin if possible, sign on for a yoga class to learn relaxation techniques, and to give yourself a soothing Epsom salt bath (tepid water please!) followed up by a slathering of luxurious lotion;
  4. Illness – if you are exposed to strep throat, you may have an outbreak of psoriasis. The same can be said of thrush, respiratory illnesses, and many common viruses. These are tremendous Psoriasis triggers and add insult to injury by causing you to experience a flare-up while dealing with the infection.
  5. Everyday issues – your dog has fleas and suddenly you have a serious psoriasis issue, or you shave your legs and suddenly there is that awful patch of psoriasis again…sound familiar? The little “injuries” of day-to-day life are actually common triggers for psoriasis. The trick is to know when you have caused this issue and how to address it. For instance, injuries to the skin can be tricky to manage and one of the best solutions is to wear a garment that keeps the area covered. This way you don’t touch it, you can cover it in moisturizer to help heal, and you can use special creams if available.

This leads us to the conclusion of a discussion of common psoriasis triggers. The key here is to understand what can lead to a flare-up, and then how to deal with it. For example, it is best to always have a handy supply of your prescribed cream on hand. This is going to tone down itching and irritation, but it also gets the healing started. The other keys are to keep the skin clean, moisturized, and covered when possible. Psoriasis is a tricky issue, but knowing how to avoid a breakout is one of the best steps for handling the problem over the long term.