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Common Triggers of Addiction to Look Out For



Common triggers of addiction to look out for

Substance abuse is a global pandemic and has been one for many years now. It is destroying communities, breaking families apart and causing people’s lives to spiral downhill. Drug abuse occurs for different reasons which vary from person to person. It is unclear at what point drug use transcends into an addiction, however, it happens to be the reality of many. If you happen to know a recovering addict or you’re struggling with addiction yourself, you may be aware of the many triggers that cause substance abuse. If you aren’t, this article may be useful to you as it will list a few common triggers that you should look out for to avoid addiction and relapses if you’re a recovering addict.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life regardless of age. Despite what you may think, peer pressure isn’t exclusive to young people and adults struggle with it as well. Sometimes, drug use doesn’t begin as a result of a dramatic turn of events but is instead the result of peer pressure. Friends or family who use can expose you to drugs or alcohol and encourage you to try using. If you’ve never taken drugs before, you should know that there are several negative outcomes that could occur. Firstly, the chemical structure of drugs could affect your body in different ways depending on the type of drugs you’re using. It can also affect almost every organ in your body and weaken your immune system. Additionally, seizures, strokes, brain damage, and death are other possible outcomes in extreme cases. Drug and alcohol abuse could also lead to addiction which could affect every area of your life such as your behavior, judgment, learning, memory and personal life. In light of this, if someone offers you drugs or encourages substance abuse, you should think deeply about it before using.

Sudden Tragedies

Life is unpredictable and also full of up and downs, so you can never tell when tragedy will strike. Not everybody is able to manage tragedy in a positive and healthy way, so sometimes the weight of the pain they’re experiencing causes them to turn to drugs. A sudden tragedy could be the death of a loved one or finding out someone close to you is suffering from a terminal illness, for example. These things can sometimes be challenging for people, and if they don’t have a strong support system, it could result in them turning to drugs in moments of weakness. If you or somebody you happen to know is struggling with substance abuse, then it is recommended that you look for rehab centers in Massachusetts as a way to prevent the problem from getting any worse.


Another one of many triggers of addiction and substance abuse can be said to be depression. According to the World Health Organization, at least 350 million people globally suffer from depression. This means that a large number of people all over the world are struggling with negative feelings on a daily basis which could trigger drug abuse. Depression is said to frequently co-occur with drug abuse as drugs may be used as a form of escapism. However, drugs may actually worsen the depression as opposed to helping, as it could create more problems than solutions.

Learning to identify common triggers of addiction and substance abuse is a way to help prevent it from happening. The hope is that you’ll stay clear of all things that could cause you to end up turning to drugs, and instead find positive outlets as an alternative. In doing so, it could lower the chances of you struggling with addiction in the near future.