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Mommy Makeovers are the Newest Trend Among the Elite



Beth and April are two best friends who have much in common. They both have experienced displeasure at the way their body looks after having two children. Beth and April are married to very wealthy high powered men who attend a number of important social functions yearly. Consequently, their appearance is very important. Maintaining a youthful and attractive appearance is vital to their social standing and relationship with their husband. Of course, their appearance is also vital to their own self-esteem. Both women decided that it was time to take serious steps and to do something about their body image. It was time to take a serious look at sagging breasts, large tummy, and body fat. Diet and exercise were simply not enough.

Mommy Makeovers
The term mommy makeover is not exactly a plastic surgery term, but it does refer to going under the knife. Mommy makeovers are the term to describe a group of women who are dissatisfied with their bodies after giving birth to children. Many of the women long for the body they had before getting pregnant. The typical request is for a breast uplift or abdominal tuck. They long for the perky breast and flat abdomens of their youth. Wealthy women have the means to recapture their youth and duplicate the youthful body that received admiring glances. Mommy makeovers are the newest trend among the elite group of women with money. Many of these wealthy women have numerous plastic surgeries to maintain their appearance or to correct their appearance. Statistics show that many of these women spend enormous amounts of money on plastic surgery yearly.

Why Women are Opting for a Mommy Makeover
Previous generations were satisfied with their looks after giving birth. They believed in aging gracefully. A round tummy and sagging breast were part of aging. Today, there is an emphasis on youth and beauty. Today, women want to fight to age and maintain a youthful appearance. This attitude is cultural-based and driven by media that encourage societies to embrace youth.

Typical Plastic Surgeries
What are the typical plastic surgeries requested in the average mommy makeover operation? Well, breast augmentation is at the top of the list. Breast lifts are also very popular along with tummy tucks, and butt lifts. Plastic surgeons expect this trend to continue into the future. Why? With the advancement of plastic surgery technology, operations like a breast lift or liposuction are becoming more common and statistically safer than they were several years ago.