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What To Expect When Having Nose Plastic Surgery



Technically known as rhinoplasty, nose plastic surgery is a form of cosmetic surgery that is carried out on the nose with the aim of altering its shape or improving its function. This may be conducted for medical purposes, such as to correct breathing problems related to the nose or to correct disfigurement due to birth defects or trauma. Nose plastic surgery may also be done purely for cosmetic reasons to change the shape and appearance of the nose.

Consulting Your Doctor

If you are considering getting undergoing nose plastic surgery, set up an appointment with your surgeon to discuss it. During the meeting, point out your goals and inform the doctor what it is about your nose that bothers you and how you would like to have it changed. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect nose.

Nevertheless, surgery can enhance your facial features, while emphasizing your unique, natural beauty. The plastic surgeon is able to identify what facial features make your appearance unique and recommend the changes that will enhance your overall appearance.

The surgeon will carry out an evaluation of your nose structure, as well as your other facial features. Following this evaluation, they will be able to determine whether or not your expectations are realistic. The surgeon will also take your overall health into account while discussing the risks, recovery time, and costs involved in this procedure.

Once you have decided to go ahead with nose plastic surgery, the surgeon will describe to you exactly what they propose to do and which technique they will use to reshape your nose.


Nose plastic surgery is typically done as an outpatient procedure which means that you will not have to stay overnight at the hospital. Before the surgery begins, you will receive local or general anesthesia which guarantees that you will be asleep during the entire operation.

Local anesthesia will keep you sedated and your nose numbed such that you are able to relax and remain free from pain. During the operation, the surgeon will make cuts within your nostrils. For the more difficult cases, surgeons may even make cuts across the base of the nose. They will thereafter reshape the inner cartilage and bone so as to produce a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Following nose plastic surgery, you will typically be required to wear a nasal splint during the first week. It is normal to experience swelling along with some bruising around the eyes following surgery. This tends to improve after the third day, although it may also last up to two weeks. You should expect to have a bit of swelling on your nose, which probably only you and your doctor will notice. But this is no cause for alarm as it typically goes away over the subsequent 6 months. After your nose has completely healed, its final shape will be apparent.