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The Five Most Common Celebrity Plastic Surgery Requests



The beauty industry, specifically the plastic surgery portion, is ever-increasing in these times of modern technology. If you have ever broken your nose, dealt with uneven breast size or a completely flat chest, suffered from a flat derriere, crooked teeth, pointy ears, or any other physical discomfort that made you feel self-conscious, plastic surgery has probably come up in your mind’s eye a time or two. But, who do women want to look like these days? This article will discuss the top seven celebrities that women request plastic surgeries to resemble.

1. Kate Middleton’s nose. With its feminine round tip and just-right proportions, women are lining up and paying well to have reconstructive surgery to get Kate’s nose.

2. Kim Kardashian or Pippa Middleton’s butts. While there are those out there who prefer a curvy, robust bottom like that of Kim Kardashian, others prefer a more sculpted and toned bottom like Pippa Middleton’s. Who could forget Pippa’s derriere in sister Kate’s wedding?

3. Jessica Simpson or Scarlett Johansson’s breasts. Both ladies have full, round breasts that women have left yearning for. Breast augmentation is quite common these days, especially if you were not blessed with natural breasts or you have problems with size or height distribution.

4. Keira Knightley’s cheekbones. With her high, rounded cheekbones, Keira definitely has a beautiful, feminine face – no wonder women are clamoring for surgery to look just like her!

5. Angelina Jolie’s lips. On a woman, full lips are often associated with being sexy, beautiful, and feminine. For those of us that suffer from aggravatingly thin or small lips, a lip augmentation surgery to something similar to Angelina’s proportions is not a far-fetched dream or plastic surgery request.

In a society where beauty and health oftentimes lead to success, money, and happiness much faster compared to people who are considered unattractive and unhealthy. Everyone wants an easy life where money, friends, knowledge, and our every dream and desire is easily attainable.

Plastic surgery to look like a well-known celebrity is just one more way of confirming that beauty really does make for an easier life. Not only can looking beautiful lead to a better life, but it can also help someone with very low self-esteem. If you have ever had to deal with the embarrassment of scarring, a disproportioned body part, or a broken body part, plastic surgery could definitely be an option for you.