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Body Image and Health



Whether we like to admit it or not, a large portion of today’s society is driven by those who are body conscious.  This train of thought may lead to a variety of discussions depending upon who you speak with. On one hand, you may find people that are fully committed to this way of living. These men and women focus their entire lives around how they look and how others perceive them. For some these perceptions may or may not lead to further decisions concerning their health and appearance.

On the other hand, you may find the people who acknowledge that being body conscious is important to them; however, they do not let it rule their lives. Members of both groups may also acknowledge the link between their health and how they perceive themselves. Depending upon a person’s weight and other health issues, drastic measures may need to be taken to transform a person’s perception of themselves. If this becomes the case options like gastric sleeve surgery may need to be discussed.

Is Image Everything?

Before we tackle the health-related issues that some may face in today’s society let’s take a moment and think of body image. Some people may not want to think of this issue as they are happy in their skin. These folks are the types that do not let the latest trends dictate what they wear or what type of music they listen to or even what they eat. On the other hand, there are people who feel compelled to stay on top of the latest trend. It may not matter if that trend is fashion, music, even hairstyles, and food.

These two groups may have differing opinions on society and how they want to be seen by the world and that’s fine. However, there is one potentially serious underlying issue both groups need to keep an eye on, their health.

Since most humans are stubborn we may or may not acknowledge our general health until it is forced upon us to do so.  While society in general is slowly trying to become more health-conscious, many people still drag their feet at this concept. They may have health concerns and just not want to admit them to another person. They may not really want to acknowledge the fact that something needs to be addressed before the situation becomes serious or even life-threatening.  Heart-related issues along with conditions like diabetes can be controlled or even kept at bay if a person takes control over their lives and becomes more fit and active.

Becoming fit and active may be difficult for the person if they have limited mobility issues or are dealing with being severely overweight. Men and women that fall into this last category may need to resort to surgical intervention in hopes of gaining back the option to become more fit and active. There are a few different types of surgeries available. One of the newer types of procedures available is called gastric sleeve surgery.

Now before you go in for a consultation with a specialist concerning this new procedure talk to your personal physician about your options. Do your research and prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the changes that will result from this procedure.