Pets That Ruin Your Night’s Sleep

One may blame the pet’s character or upbringing but some of them just can’t be helped keeping you up all night as it’s their natural activity time. No matter how cuddly they are or how strong the bond between the two of you, when facing the dilemma between having a companion or a good night’s sleep, you’ll be better off keeping these furry monsters and out of your bedroom.


Almost every cat owner can recall at least one night going to bed with their beloved feline sleeping at their feet. Sadly, the good memories are going out of the window the next time they’ve been startled awake as their grandmother’s crystal vase shatters on the floor. To them, night is for hunting and exploration which begins as soon as you’ve closed your eyes. Meowing or door-scratching follows if you try to prevent it.


The highly social and inquisitive animals that they are, rabbits are also more likely to leave the adventuring for the night. Even kept in their cages, they would still find something to nibble on, whether it’s gnawing stone or bars. If you’re still not awake by then, wait till they send their feeding bowl flying across the cage.


Don’t be fooled by their size as the noise they make during the night tells a whole different story. Hamsters live to gnaw and be noisy while also taking a particular liking in exercising. Expect the little rodent to spend a fair bit of the night running in its wheel or attempting to escape the cage, just loud enough to be immediately escorted out of the room. Same applies to mice, rats and other smaller rodents.

Guinea  Pigs

Forget the gnawing and scratching, here’s an animal whose singing can lull you to sleep. As if.  Sound is an important means of communication for these animals, so they can be quite noisy when hungry and dissatisfied.


They may spend around 18 hours sleeping every day but their activity is at peak from dusk to dawn. Known for their playfulness and exploratory behaviour, their nocturnal ways won’t have you sharing the excitement with them.

There are ways to alter your pet’s behaviour to make them adapt to your schedule but they tend to be quite time-consuming, as those are the natural instincts you’re fighting against. Besides, there are reasons why doctors don’t recommend letting pets into your bedroom since they can easily carry illnesses, not to mention the stains they can leave on your cream-coloured carpet. According to internet estate agents, pet damage could cause a 5% decrease in the resale value of your dwellings which is another good reason for setting boundaries with your pets.

Having said that, I still can’t resist having my dog by my side when taking an afternoon nap as I do honestly believe they’re one of the most insomnia-proof animals. Or can you prove me wrong in that?

Louise Blake is an aspiring writer and a huge animal lover with a passion for architecture and home design. When not walking her dog, she writes for online estate agents eMoov.

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