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10 Migraine Prevention Tips You Should Try



10 migraine prevention tips you should try

The fundamental concern facing someone looking to prevent migraines is to find the single thing that triggers the headaches for them, but there are a lot of different things that can cause migraines. It’s a little bit ridiculous to spend the time trying to prevent every single one of them. It’s not worth living life worrying about all the specific ways to prevent them but there are some things that you can do to avoid them without building your life around it. Here are the ten that you need to know.

1. Remove caffeine out of your diet. There are a number of things that can cause migraines including caffeine. Receiving excessive amounts of it can cause major headache concerns. It goes in the other direction as well if you happen to go through withdrawal from caffeine when you’re giving it up. Start the reduction slowly to make your life easier.

2. NutraSweet should also be considered while we’re considering the usage of caffeine. Many people have learned that Aspartame can be a significant cause of migraines. When you start to look into the details of aspartame headaches you’ll begin to wonder if this is some kind of a major cover up. There is a lot of fake science on both sides of this issue but the evidence of one thing is clear. NutraSweet has failed to prove that their product is free of migraine as a side effect. It may be just the thing you need to cut to prevent your most common headaches.

3. You’ve probably heard this number of times for any of hundreds of different reasons but quitting smoking can do you some good. Naturally, that’s a lot easier to talk about than to follow through on. Smoking and receiving secondhand smoke can both be responsible for causing migraine headaches. If it’s at all possible, quit smoking and prevent any exposure to secondhand smoke. If possible then ask people smoking to remove themselves from the situation. If their smoke is causing you problems then you have every right to ask for them to remove themselves while smoking.

4. Follow a sleeping schedule to get a consistent amount of sleep at night. The more precise you are about this the better off you’ll be. You want to wake up at the same time every single day including weekends. You also want to go to back at the same time every day. The results you’ll see from this single change will be amazing. Migraines often can be eliminated completely for the rest of your life with the right sleeping schedule. All it requires is following a regular pattern.

5. Don’t use the pill for birth control because it can have an effect on the body including changes to hormonal management that can cause migraine headaches. Getting off the pill is not your only option though. Many people are perfectly happy after just switching brands of birth control pills. That can be all that’s needed in some cases. If that doesn’t work then you should probably consider a different replacement contraception that doesn’t have the same side effects.

6. Make a change to your lights. Many people can suffer from headaches when bright lights are being used. There are a number of soft light bulbs that can work effectively without causing migraines. It can also help to use lamps instead of overhead forms of lighting. If at all possible, don’t use lighting that’s fluorescent. When you’re using a computer you’re going to want to take enough breaks from looking at the computer screen as the monitor is also a form of lighting that can cause migraines.

7. Many people choose to use wine, chocolate, and cheese for romantic dinners but they’re not the ideal choice for anyone that suffers from migraines. The amino acid called tyramine is responsible and can be found in aged cheeses in particular. Phenylethamine can be found in chocolate. Both of those substances can help cause migraine headaches. Alcohol has also been shown to cause them. Try a different combination to ensure that you don’t have to suffer from any of the unintended consequences.

8. Don’t use a cologne or perfume. Instead just use a mild body wash. One of the most common things that cause migraines is excessive aromas. Just focus on keeping yourself clean instead of adding to the aroma.

9. Start yourself on a workout plan that’s aerobic. Working out on a regular basis can help your heart run at its optimal functioning. That improves blood flow and reduces migraines.

10. Find an alternative to taking a plane across the country. When the pressure of the cabin on an airplane is reduced, migraines can be caused. This can be avoided by finding a different way to travel those distances.

Does this article help you in your goal to stop your migraines? Let me know what you think of it and be sure to share your own thoughts through the comments.