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4 Top Tips to Help You Quit Smoking



Quitting smoking is one of the most challenging tasks that a person can possibly undergo. While cigarettes contain a number of different chemicals, it is the nicotine that is the main culprit. The human body finds nicotine very addictive and it is the nicotine that makes it difficult for smokers to kick the habit. The number of people trying to quit smoking increases every day, as people are becoming increasingly aware of the health implications of smoking. Many health institutions have been researching the ill-effects of smoking on the human body for many decades. The results from this researches have proven to be very valuable, especially in the fight to help people quit smoking. Follow these 4 top tips to quit smoking and take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Do not try to quit cold turkey

When trying to quit cigarettes, the biggest mistake people make is to try and quit cold turkey. They do not realize just how addictive nicotine can be and that quitting cold turkey invites more problems rather than solving existing ones. Just like any other addictive substance, the body needs to be weaned off nicotine, gradually. If you try to quit cold turkey, the side-effects can play havoc with your mental and physical condition. Smoking needs to be quit gradually and the time required to quit completely depends upon a variety of factors, including age and how many cigarettes you smoke daily. Prepare a realistic time-table and try your best to stick to it.

Identify triggers and eliminate them

The human psyche is very complex, yet the smallest of things can sometimes have a very large effect on our behavior. Unknown to most smokers, there are certain activities that trigger the urge to smoke. In order to quit smoking, it is very important to identify and eliminate these triggers. Research has shown that alcohol consumption is usually the most common trigger amongst smokers. It is highly recommended that no alcohol be consumed when you are trying to quit smoking. This also eliminates the chance of falling victim to alcohol dependency. Similarly, any other triggers also need to be removed. Caffeine and stress are two of the more common triggers usually associated with smoking.

Exercise regularly and improve your diet

It is not uncommon to find that smokers most often do not eat well or in a healthy manner. A good way to fight off nicotine addiction is by making sure that you improve your dietary habits. People who eat healthily are more successful in quitting smoking than those who have unhealthy eating habits. Similarly, engaging yourself in some sort of physical activity is also highly recommended. Research indicates that people who exercise daily are much more successful in quitting cigarettes.

Join a support group instead of going solo

When it comes to any kind of addiction, the chances of quitting greatly improve if you are part of a group. The same applies to those trying to quit smoking. Instead of trying to quit all by yourself, join a support group and you will find it quite relieving to be a part of a group where everyone is attempting to quit smoking.

There are many aids that you can take advantage of to help quit smoking, including nicotine gums and e-cigarettes which contain smokeless tobacco. Follow the 4 steps mentioned and you should be able to kick the smoking habit completely.