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Quitting Smoking Is Difficult But Not Impossibility – Try the Healthy Way



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It is a common conception that quitting smoking is a matter of sheer determination. Definitely, determination does play a major role in quitting the habit of smoking, however it not really difficult. There are a number of options to pick from if you really want to quit the habit of smoking. Read on to know more effective and easy options to quit smoking:

  • Try and ban smoking in the house. If you go out of the way to smoke then quitting becomes easier. If you are prohibited to go out when it’s really cold then without a television or a computer to relieve boredom, could assist in kicking this routine sooner.
  • Let your friends and family know about your attempts towards smoking. Support from those you confide in the most might act as the greatest motivation and helps continue forward with commitment. Ask them to remind you frequently the reason for which you’re quitting.
  • If you have finally decided to quit smoking then its wise to enroll yourself with a support group. This will be quite beneficial to connect with individuals who have similar issues. This will assist you in understanding the physical and emotional changes that you might be going through.

Such support groups offer invaluable guidance and support, as well as tips that might help you quit. Search over the internet for such support groups close to your area. You might even meet them in community centers or churches.

  • There are a lot of options ones you make up your mind to quit. Try cognitive behavioral therapy for your assistance. You can even network with smoking cessation groups.

Listing of reasons to quit

To begin with, make a list of all the reasons why you should quit smoking. Make sure you pen down all this in detail. This list acts as a miracle. Whenever you get tempted to smoke pick up this list and read it. This allows you to divert your attention towards positive feelings and relights the advantages of quitting.

During the quitting period

There are a number of things that go on when you are in the middle of quitting smoking. Here are a few:

  • Craving is an obvious feeling. Stay calm and never give in to the temptation, not even once. Keep making yourself realize how you have been strong over the past few days, weeks, or months. This acts as a motivation and keeps you from throwing away your process.
  • Visit a lot of places where smoking is prohibited, while you are in the initial stage of quitting your smoking habit. Plan a day out with friends at the discount cinema or the local museum. When you are at work and take breaks for coffee or meals opt for a non-smoking area. This will make you bet craving and will keep you out of smoking.
  • Take exercise breaks instead of smoking breaks. This will assist you to flush your body with the cigarette toxins moreover it will give a boost to your energy level. When your physical health gets better you feel good mentally and emotionally as well.
  • If after trying all these above-mentioned strategies you still feel you cannot quit smoking then do good research on long term smoking and its dangerous consequences. Search for pictures that describe and show how smokers who have been into the habit become victims of lung-cancer or even gum cancer. A few sites on the internet have dedication pages where people mention about their family members or close friends whom they have lost due to smoking.

Have a never give up attitude. Always remember – “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me”.