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Why Holistic Addiction Treatment is Best



Holistic addiction treatment is one of the best, most effective means for treating substance abuse. This is because holistic treatment programs follow an integrated approach the addresses not only the actual addiction, but also the patient’s body, mind, and spirit. This whole-body approach respects an individual’s personal beliefs and uses these beliefs to support the recovery process. With holistic addiction treatment, there is hope for a successful recovery.

What is holistic addiction treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment is a personalized, whole-body approach to helping individuals overcome substance abuse. Holistic treatment addresses both physical and psychological addiction, as well as the reasons underlying this abuse. Treatment helps patients regain a sense of wholeness and reconnect with spirituality. This approach to treatment is more successful than other treatment programs that focus solely on the physical aspects of drug addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that requires treatment. Individuals who are suffering from substance abuse cannot simply overcome this addiction through willpower. Individuals may want to stop abusing drugs, but physical and psychological dependency can make overcoming this addiction extremely difficult.

Holistic addiction treatment recognizes that substance abuse is more than a physical addiction. For many patients, deep psychological issues, depression, anxiety, or sexual abuse may underlie their substance abuse. Individuals may feel lost or abandoned by a higher power. They may feel overwhelmed by life, be angry over the death of a loved one, or frustrated with events that are out of their control. Consequently, they turn to alcohol or drugs to escape this pain, fear, or confusion they feel. Holistic addiction treatment is successful because it addresses these problems.

What should I expect during holistic addiction treatment?

Individuals receiving holistic addiction treatment can expect a safe space that supports recovery, healing, and whole-body wellness. Holistic addiction treatment will incorporate a variety of different therapies to help an individual reconnect with their spirituality and address the problems underlying addiction. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy may help individuals address patterns of self-destructive behavior and re-learn how to care for their bodies. Yoga and meditation provide space for reflection and self-exploration. Like other substance abuse programs, the holistic treatment also includes medically supervised detox to overcome the physical withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse. Holistic programs include life skills counseling and aftercare to help patients avoid relapse and stay sober.

Who can benefit from holistic addiction treatment?

Holistic treatment respects all religions and personal belief systems. There is never any pressure to adhere to a specific religion or belief system. Instead, holistic treatment centers embrace each individual’s personal belief system and use these beliefs to support the recovery process.

Holistic programs are ideal for individuals who are not comfortable with traditional faith-based programs. Individuals who wish to incorporate healing arts, spirituality, or other mind-body treatments into their program can benefit from a holistic approach. Holistic treatment respects that there are many approaches to treating substance abuse, but that the end goal is always the same: successful recovery. Patients are encouraged to find the combination of care that is right for them. With holistic addiction treatment, drug-free life is possible.