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Stay Healthy with the Help of a Naturopath



Naturopathic doctors practice naturopathic medicine, which is a holistic system of medicine based on nature’s healing powers. They try to find the underlying causes of disease by looking at the whole person, including their body, spirit, and mind. These doctors us a wide variety of treatments including herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, behavioral and nutritional counseling. Naturopaths believe that with the correct treatment, the body is able to heal itself. Their treatment methods use the power of nature to heal the body. A Naturopath believes that if the body is given the right support and treatment, it will be able to heal itself. Naturopaths believe that disease prevention is a very important part of life. They will work with you to develop a plan that will restore and support continued good health.

History of Naturopathy
Naturopathy originated in the 18th century. It was very popular in Germany and Austria at the time. In 1902, naturopathy was introduced to the United States, when the American School of Naturopathy was opened. The use of naturopathy did not really become popular in the United States until the 1960s. They continue to be quite popular today. They offer a variety of natural treatments to their patients including vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathy, herbal treatments, traditional Chinese medicine, and relaxation exercises.

What Training Does a Naturopath Receive?
Naturopathic Doctors attend a four year, post-graduate naturopathic medicine program. Their coursework includes courses in anatomy, microbiology, cardiology, and gastroenterology. They also take courses in pathology, physiology, and immunology. They receive extensive training in the use of natural medicines and treatments. They also receive clinical training while they are in school.

Your First Visit to a Naturopath
Your first visit to a Naturopath may take longer than a regular doctor’s visit. Naturopathic doctors look at the whole person before they make a diagnosis and treatment plan. They will gather a complete medical history. They will ask about all aspects of your life including your diet, stress levels, lifestyle, exercise habits, family history, and exposure to toxins. After they gather a complete health history, they will do a complete physical examination. They may also do several laboratory tests.

Naturopathic Treatments
Depending on your diagnosis, your Naturopath may prescribe one or more treatments. These treatments may include homeopathic treatments, herbal preparations, nutritional treatments, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. They also may offer detoxification therapy and lifestyle coaching. Naturopaths do not rely on medications. They believe that medications mask or suppress the symptoms of an illness. Instead, the Naturopath will recommend a total health program. This program may include diet advice, an exercise program, and other natural treatments. They believe this approach will build up the body’s natural immunity and allow the body’s own defenses to fight off illness and infections.

What illnesses can Naturopathy Cure?
Both acute and chronic illnesses respond well to naturopathic treatments. Illnesses that respond well to naturopathy include asthma, allergies, arthritis, skin conditions, and heart disease. A Naturopath treats the whole body and tries to help their patients achieve a balanced, natural state of health.