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Ubiquinol Supplements Are Unique And Beneficial For Complete Health



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Ubiquinol Supplements

Many people are familiar with CoQ10 supplements that provide the body with ubiquinone, which fully reduces into ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is a lipid-soluble enzyme that exists in almost every single cell of the human body and all mammals. It is needed to produce energy in cells, offers antioxidant protection, and promotes healthy organs, including the heart, and provides anti-aging properties.

How Can You Get Ubiquinol?

You can support your ubiquinol levels by eating certain foods, but the best way to get it, particularly as you age, is through a ubiquinol supplement pill. The ubiquinol supplement comes in different forms, including a ubiquinol gelcap and a ubiquinol pill. You may wonder if it matters what type you take, but you might be surprised to know that it does make a difference.

Ubiquinol Pill Form

The ubiquinol pill form is best taken with food to intensify its absorption potential. Many people take 150 to 300 mg of ubiquinol for a few weeks and then taper off to 100 mg to maintain their ubiquinol levels. Most pills come in the 50 mg form and are made from powder and a mix of other vitamins and minerals. Check individual labels to know what a pill contains, as each company may manufacture the ubiquinol pill differently.

Ubiquinol Soft Gel

The ubiquinol capsule can be made from fish and other materials, such as gelatin. The soft gel form is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream and can contain twice as much ubiquinol as the regular pill form. It can be taken without food, and it is more stable in a gel capsule than in pill form.

Ubiquinol breaks down in the presence of oxygen, and the ubiquinol gelcap provides extra protection from oxygen. The pills should be stored in a dry place and at room temperature. The gel caps can come in a variety of dosages. You should always read the label before consuming any supplements.

Ubiquinol, Statins, and Other Drugs

Your doctor may suggest that you take ubiquinol if you take statin drugs. Statin drugs reduce cholesterol levels, but they also limit ubiquinol levels in your heart. Taking ubiquinol along with a statin drug can improve important and essential ubiquinol levels throughout your body.

If you take a statin drug, you can experience the following symptoms: nerve damage, muscle pain, muscle weakness, raised liver enzymes, a loss of ubiquinone, an increased risk of diabetes, and certain drug interactions. Taking ubiquinol can help decrease some of these symptoms, especially muscle pain. Statin drugs aren’t the only drugs that can reduce ubiquinol levels in the body. Other drugs include certain blood pressure medicines, estrogen hormones, acid reflux medicines, and diabetic drugs.

Taking Ubiquinol Safely

You can buy ubiquinol supplement pills and gel caps in health stores, pharmacies, general merchandise stores, and online. However, before making the decision to consume any supplement pill, you should consult your doctor. Read the labels to make sure that the ingredients will not interfere with any allergies or sensitivities, and never take more than the recommended dosage, unless otherwise specified by your doctor.