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Implication And Effectiveness Of Herbal Medicines



Herbal healing is basically the art and science of using herbs and plants to heal various diseases in an effective and safe way. Herbal medicines do not always focus on curing diseases, but its main aim is to work as a complementary therapy and encourage the body to heal itself.

After a long period of herbal medicines being practiced in some small corners of the earth, today they have become popular all over the world and its effectiveness is acknowledged by all medical professionals. If you are still unaware of the implications of these medicines and then this article will help you to know more about herbs and how they can be used to cure various diseases – some of which have no treatments under modern medicines.

History of herbal medicines

Even though today herbal medicines are used by many in every corner of the earth, its history can be traced down to thousands of years back. Many of these medicines originated in India and China, and some pieces of evidence prove that these medicines were widely used in ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations as well. In the olden days people used to know and understand every plant in the surrounding forests and use them to heal people from common and uncommon illnesses. We are lucky that some of the formulations were written down by the people from that era which come in very handy today and deliver miracles.

Thousands of years back people were in complete harmony with nature and used to respect the gifts nature had to offer unlike the modern man today. They were thus able to understand the qualities of different herbs and how exactly they can be used to live a long and healthy life.
Benefits of herbal medicines:

Low-cost medicines

Herbal medicines cost very less when compared to modern chemical-based western medicines. They are extracted from herbs and plants and are used as naturally as possible without processing it much, so the cost of making medicines from herbs is very less. Some herbs can be consumed as it is to heal some diseases like the flu. Many people who strongly believe in herbal remedies start growing herbs themselves which makes it almost free for them.

No side effects

These medicines have become popular mainly because they have no side effects. This does not mean that these medicines are completely safe because some people might be allergic to certain herbs, but is taken under the guidance of the professional practitioner it becomes safe to use them. Modern medicines being based on chemicals have both long term and short term side effects on individuals.

Better overall health

If you are sincere and take the herbal medicines as directed by the professional in proper dosage and for a specified period of time your disease will be cured of the root. The benefit of herbal medicines is not limited to delivering effective results in eradicating chronic illnesses, but they also bring overall health and wellness as they encourage the body to heal itself.


While on one hand, these medicines are safe and highly effective, they must not be taken without the guidance of a professional therapist who has a proper qualification in herbal medicines. It will be even more beneficial is the doctor is experienced because the science of herbal medicines was not written in a day and it takes years of practice to aptly use herbs in curing various health conditions.