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RSA Queensland Helps the Service Industry Serve Better



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Australia is a tourist destination for everyone around the world. It is a beautiful country, with many stunning sights to see. The stories that tourists and travelers have when they return home to make their friends and families jealous, make those who have never been wanting to be there. Thankfully, there are now rules to not only keep those tourists politely in check but also to help reduce the negative impacts of alcohol on communities throughout Australia. To use an example, RSA Queensland is in place to help ensure that no one goes too far in their party on the Sunshine Coast or other places in Queensland.

RSA Queensland is the set of rules in place for the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Australia as a country decided to put these rules in place, but the provinces are in charge of their own rules and what they think responsible service could mean. So while anyone who has gained RSA Queensland certification can serve alcohol responsibly, and be a responsible employee, anywhere in Queensland, they might need a bridging course to work in other provinces of Australia.

This RSA Queensland and other similar training courses in Australian provinces began with the National Alcohol Strategy in 2006. It was found that in 2004-2005, the estimated cost to the Australian community reached a total of $15.3 billion for dealing with alcohol-related social problems. It was also estimated that 81,000 people were hospitalized and 3200 died annually due to excessive alcohol consumption. RSA Queensland was created to help curb these problems and create a safer, more relaxed, drinking atmosphere.

Going through this course will train a person to know a variety of things about alcohol consumption and the people who excessively consume it. One will learn what a standard alcoholic drink is in regard to hard liquor, wine, and beer. RSA Queensland certification will also help a person understand when too much alcohol has been consumed and when to cut a patron off from more alcohol. It also suggests helping the patron understand that they should consume water or coffee in between drinks, which will help them sober up and lengthen the time they can enjoy the party.

Another problem that bars and clubs around the world have to deal with is underage drinkers. There are many ways for a person to get into a club when they are underage, the first being no one checking of ID. RSA Queensland will teach how to politely ask for ID among other methods of spotting the underage drinkers in a crowd. While the under-aged persons may responsibly consume alcohol, it is still against the law and ID should be asked for when the person in question looks underage. Underage drinking can be a problem for the venue it takes place in, as there are laws against it, and the venue may be fined or even shut down.

Another problem that may occur in bars and clubs is that when a person drinks too much and becomes hurt they can sue or press charges on the person or venue serving alcohol. Since RSA standards were initiated, wait staff and bartenders have been trained to make sure this does not happen. Your RSA Queensland certification should protect against anyone seeking litigation for being harmed after consuming too much alcohol. After all, everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different, so despite being served by an RSA Queensland certified individual, everyone should be conscious of his or her own limits. When someone forgets their limits, it is up to the server to help them remember that there is a limit to the party and the drinking.

Partying and having a good time is well within a person’s rights, but so is safety and security. RSA Queensland certification ensures that everyone can have a better time, even if there are loads of drunken people hanging around. There is no end to the responsible service of alcohol, but there are a beginning and an end to the night of partying. Be sure to attain your RSA Queensland certification so that you may help everyone to have a good time and be safe about it.

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