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Putting On The Perfect Pamper Party



‘Pamper parties’ have become very popular recently, a great idea for any hen do or birthday celebration. The idea is that you use your home as the venue, invite friends over and book a beautician to give you treatments and sell your products. This seems like it would be a cost-friendly option given that it is hosted in your own home, but at prices of around £70 per person for an hour of treatments (and you are expected to buy some products too) the costs soon add up. Here’s how to do it yourself on a budget.

Raise The Funds

Ask each friend who is coming to put in £20 each. Compared to the £70 minimum spend if you booked a beautician they should be happy to pay this. If you have ten guests, then you will have a healthy budget of £200.

What You Will Need-

Your putting on a pamper party, your guests expect to be pampered!

Hair and Face masks- Look up recipes online; there are some great ones out there. Buy all the ingredients and make up the masks before your friends arrive. It will be cheaper and more impressive that you have made your own masks.

Manicures and Pedicures- Buy a ten pack of nail files and toe dividers. Instead of buying ten tubes of hard cream buy one large one and separate it into small bowls. Buy a selection of popular nail colors, neutrals work best. Nail art is really popular right now, so buy a pack of jewels and some toothpicks too! Hopefully, your guests won’t mind helping out and doing each other’s nails.

Drinks and Nibbles- What good is a pamper party without champagne? Suggest your guests get involved and make champagne cocktails. There are lots of great recipes!

Put on a small spread, nothing too full on. A lovely idea for pamper parties is personalized cupcakes and sweets.


A lovely ending to your evening is to offer your guests something small to take home. Why not put together a small gift basket or party bag. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Here are some suggestions as to what you can put in them-

  • A bath bomb or bath salts
  • Candy necklace/bracelet
  • A compact mirror
  • A printed nail file
  • Miniature bottles of hair treatments
  • Tubs of your homemade masks tied up in ribbon
  • A Polaroid photo of them being pampered, a great way to commemorate the evening.

With money being a little short for some of us right now this is a great way to celebrate something on a budget. Your guests get a lot for their £20; treatments including homemade masks and manicures, drinks and nibbles, a party bag to take home, and enjoyable night with their friends. This is a much more cost-efficient and personal way of doing a very popular party option.