A Neglected but Dangerous Infection- Toe Nail Fungus

Toe nail hygiene is often neglected

You bath with luxurious bathing bars and shower gels infused with essential oils, you apply so many creams etc on your face and body in order to look clean and fresh but when you get ready for going to office don’t you take out those smelly three day old socks from the shoes and wear it happily, isn’t it? Toes and feet are often the most neglected body part for most of us. All the sweat, dirt and god knows what gets accumulated on the surface and inside your toe nail which aren’t cut often. This leads to various infections in toes.

Long hours of donning footwear plays havoc on toe nails

Everyone has to wear footwear to offices, outings and many of you must be in the habit of keeping separate footwear for wearing at home too. These long hours of donning footwear leads to constrictions in feet and the blood circulations gets really slow there. Due to this dead skin cells accumulate in the toes and the toe nails are the best site to hold moisture for even longer so they suffer the most and get infected with ugly and dangerous fungus. Especially those shoes cause it more which are totally covered like sports shoes, office shoes and sandals etc. This fungal infection is a common sight in every other person nowadays.

What makes you more prone to it?

People with diabetes, weak immune system, and skin diseases are more easily infected by toe nail fungus and they are the worst sufferers. The problem is that this disease can even spread too. So if you are suffering from this infection then you should make sure that others don’t contract it from you by using separate towels and clothes, by washing your things separately instead of washing machine ad using separate bathing soap. Also don’t forget to disinfect your hands after applying medicine on the toe nails.

How to treat it?

Toe nail fungus makes your toe nails and toes really sore and painful. Red itchy skin, flaky and in fact bleeding can be observed in patients suffering from toe nail fungus. Walking and slipping feet into any type of footwear can be really uncomfortable in such a case and if left untreated it can be cancerous too due to accumulation of dead infected cells. Doctor’s treatment can include oral antibiotics for suppressing the infection. Topical antibiotic creams will also be prescribed to prevent itching and it can be completely cured within 2months if not that severe. Laser treatments are also available though they are a bit pricey but they kill the fungus effectively.

Prevention is better than cure

Loose antifungal powder is the best thing to be used after cleaning your feet every morning. Also make sure that your feet are totally dry before applying it and then wear footwear which have front open spaces so that your toe nails are constantly in touch of fresh air. Another thing worth mentioning is that you should avoid using public foot spas because they may not be so keen on hygiene factor and their instruments might be infected.

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