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How Bath Salts Work




Bath salts contain essential oils and other ingredients that help soften and nourish the skin. Learn more about their benefits and how they work.

The Ins and Outs of Bath Salts

Bath salts are a time-honored spa tradition, both for those visiting commercial establishments and for those who are having a spa day at home. A spa day just wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing soak in bath salts and there’s no denying that you’ll feel better afterward, but how do bath salts work? Below are some of the characteristics that are the sources for their benefits.

Essentially Luxurious

Many bath salts are infused with essential oils, which are released into the air and water as the bath salts dissolve. Essential oils provide aromatherapy that can clear the senses and relax the mind and body. They can also work topically to heal and improve the skin.

Release the Pressure

Bath salts are a natural anti-inflammatory (among other things). They contain magnesium sulfates which can be absorbed into the body through the skin. Once they’re on the inside, magnesium sulfates get to work, flushing out toxins, absorbing nutrients, and decreasing inflammation.

Primped and Polished

If you choose bath salts that contain phosphates, they will have even more to offer you by way of skincare. Phosphates work as exfoliants, polishing away dead cells and softening the skin. Bath salts containing sea salt can also relive dermatitis and psoriasis.

Cleaner and Softer

If you live in an area that has hard water, calcium and magnesium can react with soap, causing it to build upon your skin and leave you feeling sticky even after your bath. Bath salts offset these minerals and leave your skin free and clear of impurities.

Quality bath salts can be purchased online or from your local spa. Choosing your favorite essential oil and finding a bath salt that is infused with that oil will enhance your aromatic experience and further nourish your skin and body. Now that you know why they work so well, take some time to visit your favorite spa or make your home into a spa with a nice soak in a tub with bath salts.