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Improving Your Love Life with Horoscopes



So that last date you had to that new Moroccan restaurant was a dud? What happened? The atmosphere was perfect, you pulled out all the stops and no sparks flew? Maybe it’s time to consider what benefits you can glean from your crush’s horoscope or astrological sign. That’s right, planning an activity or date around their astrological alignment can ignite fires and chemistry that you didn’t even know was possible. Below are the 12 Zodiac alignments that horoscopes are built around, and some tips and tricks to appealing to their astrological senses.

An Aries loves to be seen at and around high-energy, high-society events. Really impress that Aries by scoring some tickets to see a popular DJ, maybe a story-slam or even a reservation at a trendy new restaurant that is all the rage in your area. Aries love to be the center of it all, so make the most of it. Maybe even find out a hobby of theirs and enter them into a contest or competition so they can really showcase their skills. When an Aries feels love, they give the love back.

Unlike Aries, your Taurus date will want to do something much more relaxed and intimate. Consider planning an impromptu picnic in the park. Taurus’ are natural foodies so appeal to their palate. Spend a little time snooping around Pinterest to find some super cool and unique ways to put really impress your Taurus. If a picnic is out of the question, consider whipping up a nice meal at home. Your Taurus will revel in the intimate atmosphere you’ve created.

Gemini loves to talk, so why not make the most of this and find a great location that will really get the words flowing? Is there a new art installation in town? What about some really interesting performance art that’s taking place at a nearby museum? The more unique the better. Appealing to their childlike disposition will also score you some extra points. Think whacky, creative, and original.

Eye contact and a relaxed environment will score big with a Cancer. Think candlelight, maybe some soft music playing in the background. Does your city have a fondue restaurant? A great intimate setting will give you big points with Cancer as they tend to avoid loud, noisy, and boisterous locales. Things are really going well when Cancer invites you to a favorite place of theirs, it’s here that you’ll see Cancers really connecting to their mates.

Leo’s are inherently a little vain in nature so don’t factor this out of the equation when planning the perfect date. A Leo loves to be waited upon so why not take them to a place where they feel like royalty. Make sure you pull out all the stops for your date with a Leo. This means, great hair and clothes, step it up in the elegance department. Whatever you decide on, don’t go casual, a Leo will always appreciate decadence over decency.

Virgos love working with their hands so think of something crafty that you can do together. Consider a date to a blown glass studio. These are becoming more and more popular and most offer classes where you can go in and make your own pieces. Think of something that you work on together, Virgos thrive when working towards a common goal so you use this to your benefit.

Libra’s generally have some pretty refined tastes and love to experience the up and coming. Did you hear of a new indie band that is playing in the area? Maybe there is a great independent movie playing. Whatever outlet you chose, follow up the event with a trip to a coffee shop to spend some time talking about what you saw and did. Libras love to discuss how new experiences impact them and those around them. Deep thoughts and exchanges will bring you right to their heart.

Dating a Scorpio can be a bit tricky as they are widely unpredictable in what really gets them going. A great way around this is to do a little digital stalking. Creep around their social media. Are they on the cross fit train? Bring them to a quick workout. Does it seem like they are always doing outdoor activities? Plan a mountain bike ride or a hike. Wow them by suggesting an activity that they have a predisposition towards.

A Sagittarius loves cutting edge, cultural centric activities. Try a restaurant where an interesting dining experience occurs. Is there a place nearby that lets you get hands-on with creating something? Check out your cities weekly to see what sorts of opportunities present themselves. For the more exercise-focused Sagittarius plans something accordingly. Getting hot and sweaty doesn’t have to be a turn off for someone who is dating a Sagittarius.

Capricorns can get a bad rap for being too thrifty or cheap. To get around this, spend some time looking at some great reviews of an event or activity before you head out. Drop it into the conversation later in the date. Capricorns will love that you put some real effort into creating the perfect moment. Consider seeing a thought-provoking documentary, something that will give you lots to talk about as Capricorns love a great, serious conversation.

A typical Aquarius will appreciate a dating scenario where the attention is not put solely on them. Consider calling up a few of your friends and turning the event into a group date. An Aquarius will feel much more comfortable when they know all eyes are not on them. For the more outgoing Aquarius, try seeking out an event with a science angle as this will appeal to their inclinations towards technology and gadgetry.

Pisces generally have an interest in all things mysterious and uncanny. Impress them with something off the wall and peculiar. Try an experimental music group that is making their way through town or a historically interesting and spooky location like an old penitentiary or building. Think of something off the beaten path and your Pisces will be all the happier for it.

A final word on horoscopes: There is only so much you can do by learning about other people’s horoscopes and astrological signs without your own introspective exploration. Learning about your own horoscope and matching your sign with that of your love interest can take you a long way. Do your research and meditate on your findings, and you are sure to experience greater results.