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5 Theories that Explain why Your Hangovers get Worse with Age




The years you gain as you age certainly have their advantages, but with each year we add we also lose specific characteristics. And one of them is the ability to resist the detestable hangovers after a night of partying.

Surprisingly, no one has a correct explanation for this phenomenon, but the five new scientific theories that we have investigated could explain it.

You slowly lose the enzymes in your liver

Alcohol is an intoxicating substance, so your body must always process its components like ethanol. Your liver is responsible for this process and like any other function in your body, each year of age makes it less efficient.

Young people have a more considerable amount of enzymes. Therefore, the process becomes simpler and faster and can eliminate the toxins from alcohol without any problems. At an advanced age, you only have a fraction of them, so all the toxins stay in your body for more extended periods of time and turn what would be a regular hangover into a nightmare.

This is a reality that also affects the healing of certain types of wounds and was described in detail in the research made available at the US Medical Library.

Your body’s recovery process is slower

Like any other activity, healing is something your body cannot do so quickly when you reach a certain age. Your metabolism, for example, is one of the most affected so you cannot process food more efficiently, and you end up gaining weight faster. This, in part, could also explain the hangover problem, as it is the consequence of a normal process of the human body.

It could just be your lifestyle

The simplest explanation sometimes is the most adequate one, and so it has also been theorized that perhaps the problem is each individual’s perception of time.

Maybe it’s not that your body is not responding fast enough, but you have less time to devote to your hangover.

Your medications may be reacting to the alcohol

With age, you are likely to suffer from some diseases that need treatment and medicine, and, unfortunately, many drugs respond negatively to the components of alcohol.

According to research published by the American Medical Library, medications against allergies, diabetes, hypertension, and others can enhance the very thing they aim to relieve or prevent when mixed with alcohol.

It is, of course, not advisable at all that you stop taking your medicines in favor of alcohol, so don’t even think about it.

You are trying to challenge biology

All of the available data suggests one crucial point: the body changes the way it approaches its processes as we age. Our weight, where we live, and the kind of labor that we do – everything affects what our body is accustomed and conditioned to do, and this also includes the processing of alcohol.

Put simply: Your body at age 37 cannot accept the same alcohol level as it could back when you were 18. It is physiologically impossible. But that’s not enough for those who want to try anyway.