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The Signs That My Man is Cheating



How Do I Look?

After many years of a happy marriage, a contented wife can unwittingly let her appearance slip and more significantly her weight. She feels loved no matter what and is safe in the knowledge that how she looks is not at the top of her husband’s wish list. However, one of the first signs that all is not well in that happy marriage is the wife’s newfound love of all things healthy. It starts with the diet followed closely by the gym membership. When the weight drops, the shopping will start and the contents of the wardrobe will take on a whole new appearance.

Phone Habits

A real give away, a once carefree phone user who now hides her phone away at all times of the day and night and mysteriously starts to takes her calls out of your hearing must surely be hiding something. On checking her phone if you get the chance, all text and call history will be non-existent. If you are lucky enough to check her mobile phone bill, at what strange times is she making those calls? Guilty as charged.


Is it purely the time of the month or is there something more sinister bubbling under the surface causing those grouchy mood swings. Invariably if those nasty moments are consistently regular each month it is possible it is just hormones. However, a woman with a guilty conscience is a very moody one. The once happy home is now filled with a tense and strained atmosphere and you won’t be able to do or say anything right. The nicer you are, the more horrible she will become. Not wanting to lull you into a false sense of happiness!

Affairs in the Office

Many affairs take place in the office and if this is your wife, those nagging suspicions that all is not right can easily grow when the cheating starts. From the working late and last-minute business dinners to the mysterious absences from her desk when you call, spending longer at work is the perfect excuse for any woman in the safe knowledge that you will not generally be able to turn up unannounced or spy on her unnoticed.

What mess?

Have you noticed that your home isn’t quite the show home it used to be? A cheating wife will quickly lose interest in housework! The last place she will want to be is at home with you if she has feelings for somebody else. The once spotless showpiece of a home is neglected and sad. The bickering has started about the housework or lack of it and you want to know why? Not that she will admit anything is wrong but what is she doing with her day if she cannot find time to pick up that hoover once in a while.

Empty Bottles!

Sharing a bottle of wine of an evening was always a pleasant pastime for you both accompanied by the loving and cheerful banter over dinner? Is that bottle being opened earlier without you or is one bottle turning into two bottles? It becomes harder and harder for a cheating wife to live the lie of a happy marriage so as not to rock the boat for her husband’s sake and so she drinks more and more to blot out her misery and get her through the evenings spent without her lover.

Remember Me?

Has your wife stopped caring? A guilty wife will take less and less interest in you and your life. She will try and distance herself from you even sleeping in the spare room after what would normally have been a small disagreement. She leaves you to socialize on your own and would rather spend her evenings with her ‘girlfriends’ than you. In fact, her girlfriends have never been so popular! Any excuse keeping you at arms’ length and reducing the need to interact with you on a one to one basis. The more you try the harder it will become for her to cope and she could become careless enough to leave a clue.

Ok, I Agree

Is your wife trying to force a mutual break up? A cheating woman may not want to be the one to initiate a divorce and admit to being the guilty party so will try to manipulate a situation whereby the arguing becomes intolerable to you both and she can plant in your mind that it is would be mutually beneficial to you both to put an end to the miserable marriage. If you are in agreement and think it would be better to be alone than live like this, then her plan has worked.