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The 5 Most Germ-Ridden Places In The Office



When you use something every day, you don’t think about who else has touched it or what could be festering on it. Where there are lots of people, there are lots of germs, including the office. Here are the five germ-ridden places of the office that may just need a good clean:

Your Desk

Desks can have around 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Eating food at your desk and constantly touching things spreads around the germs and provides the perfect space for them to grow and multiply. This includes desk drawers if food is kept in them. The most notorious offenders of the desk are your computer keyboard and the phone. Throughout the day, when they are being continuously touched, germs can spread easily. It only takes one touch of your mouth for them to get inside your body.

The Floor

Everything that shoes have touched will inevitably be covered in microbes. When you’ve gone from outside, stepping on chewing gum and all sorts of other things, everything on your shoes comes in with you. But it is not just you; it is everyone else’s shoes too. The office is the place where the three-second rule (where you can eat something that dropped on the floor, provided you pick it up within three seconds) should never apply!


Sinks are a false friend. Normally they are used to clean our hands or dishes, but they are one of the worst places for festering germs. You touch taps and soap dispensers just after you have left the toilet. This constant replacement of germs means they end up worse than the toilet seat itself! Cloths and sponges used to clean dishes provide a moist and warm home which allows germs to multiply at a serious rate.

Door Handles

Like the phone, door handles are constantly being touched by so many different people. So not only do bacteria from their hands get transferred to the door handle, but bacteria from the door handle will transfer onto your hands as you go through the door.


Although not everyone handles money in their job, most people will inevitably come across it at some point each day. Money goes from hands to pockets to mouths to wallets and everywhere else in between. It really picks up the worst of the microbes and passes them around from place to place and person to person. It seems the phrase ‘dirty money’ really does ring true.

Companies lose a lot of money every year on sick days and office illness, so by keeping your office as germ-free as possible, you can hope to reduce the number of sick employees when flu season hits.

It is really important that the office gets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Keeping anti-bacterial wipes on you or on your desk is always a good idea. Removing the harmful bacteria habitually will help to stop the illness spreading around, especially when it does come to flu season.