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HCG Diet and Exercise



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The HCG diet is becoming quite famous all over because it is new and improved and has known to show results that no diet can achieve in such a short time. It is all over the media and there are advertisements everywhere. The diet has even created several forums on Facebook where people are sharing their HCG stories or trying to get to know more about this particular diet so as to decide whether it is right for them or not. Some women have compared it to having close liposuction! But before you get on with the article, here are a few things you should know.

How does the HCG diet work?

HCG diet basically consists of a typical 500-calorie diet and HCG drops. HCG is a hormone that naturally stimulates the body to use fat stores for energy and usually leaves you feeling less hungry than usual. You do not have to abstain from eating your favorite foods because if you are taking the HCG drops, you naturally do so. Once you start following the HCG diet protocol (foods and menu), HCG drops supplement this diet and you start losing weight within the minimum time frame and without any side effects.

Is exercise valid if you’re doing the HCG diet?

That is a question that most users have more frequently than any other. And to be very honest, there are mixed sides to this. The very best answer is; physical activity and exercise such as walking or jogging for a few is fine but strenuous workouts or going to the gym are better off left alone.

Why exercise is not mandatory to HCG drops users?

Because with the HCG diet, you already are losing weight faster than ever and eating less so with exercise, it’ll just mess up the system. Exercising unnecessarily is bound to inhibit the process of weight loss. Because if you work out, you feel hungry and the effects of the hormone are likely to wear off. Other than that, the doctor usually advises against exercise because of medicinal reasons such as not losing or burning so many calories at a time because it could alter the protein functioning of the body. After fat, the body resorts to protein storage for energy.

It is a well-known fact that the HCG diet has no side effects. The person who is going to exercise a lot while taking the HCG drops will just be wasting their time and money. Because they will be creating side effects if they start exercising along with their dieting. It will create a lot of nutritional deficiencies and change the metabolic rate that is set up by the drops.

Does that mean the HCG diet is not safe?

It does not mean that at all! Look at it this way. Driving isn’t safe either if you don’t wear the seat belts or speed the car in a traffic zone. Eating is also definitely not hazardous to health but eating too much could prove to be so. Therefore, it is all about knowing what you’re doing. The HCG diet is for a fact the safest diet around and many people are pretty happy with the results the diet has shown. There are a few don’ts with the diet and not exercising strenuously is just a small part of that. For those people who love exercising a lot, there is a high chance they aren’t fat in the first place and for the obese people, this might seem like a small vacation. As long as you follow the rules, it is pretty safe. And even if you don’t follow the rules, not much will happen besides the diet not taking its effect you. Otherwise, it is safe and steady.

Consult a doctor before using HCG drops?

The HCG drops are pretty safe and have no side effects but it is always best to consult your physician before deciding on something like this. You never know, you might just be a perfect weight and you’re taking the drops for nothing. Or perhaps it doesn’t suit you because you have to undergo some operation soon or anything of that sort. It is always better to have a consult because your doctor knows your medical history as well and can advise better. But to just be a bit bold, the HCG diet has no side effects and is pretty safe for all human beings because these drops are naturally present in the body.