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5 Must Know Medical and Scientific Breakthroughs



Medicare and Science are the two dominating industries in this present day and age. Over the past few centuries, we have come across numerous breakthroughs in the field of science and medicine. The impacts of some of these have spanned all across the world and there are many more breakthroughs that are slated to come in the future. Mentioned below are some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs which we have seen in the last few decades.

DNA Structure

It has been 60 years since Francis Crick and James Watson discovered double helix DNA. This has been marked as one of the most revolutionary findings in the history of science as DNA gives us a deep insight into the functioning of living organisms as well as their evolution. Since DNA gives us an idea regarding the evolution cycle of human beings, thus we can easily relate it to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The field of genetics has advanced to such a level that the whole picture of biology has experienced a wide turnover for the better.

Exercise replacement pill

Sweating your blood and sweat only to lose weight can be a really excruciating task and if there ever was a chance to just pop a pill for that, then people will go gaga over the pill. In such cases, there might be no gymnasiums and everyone will be popping pills to lose their extra fat. And this wish of ours has been granted as nowadays, exercise replacement pills are available with chemists. This capsule is named irisin and not only covers fat control but also can be used for various health problems such as neuromuscular diseases, mental health disorders, muscular dystrophy, etc.

Genetically modified mosquitoes

Nowadays, diseases such as dengue, malaria, and West Nile probably have a higher impact on the health of people than other diseases. The mortality rate of people succumbing to diseases spread by mosquitoes is much more than any other disease since these diseases can spread easily. In the year 2010, a total of 3 million male mosquitoes were set out and these mosquitoes were genetically modified through sterile and then made to mate with female mosquitoes. As a result, the death toll of people suffering from mosquito-borne diseases plunged down by 80%.


It all started in 1928 when Alexander Fleming made the discovery of Penicillin. This drug was produced with the help of fungus and this fungus was a strong defense against bacteria. Over the next few years, developments occurred and Penicillin was produced in massive amounts during World War II for which, Alexander Fleming along with two other scientists were felicitated for Nobel Prize. Thus, the discovery of antibiotics has revolutionized the field of medicine over the past century.

Environmental sciences

Environmental sciences happen to be one of the most hyped breakthroughs over the past century as it made us realize the impact of harmful gases and pollution on the climate. Climate change at present is a highly sensitive issue taken up by the supreme organizations across the world since it poses a strong threat to the planet over the course of the next century.