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Medical Science and Alternative Medicines



Medical science and alternative medicines

There are several diseases whose cure has not yet been found, like glaucoma and Crohn’s disease. However, the treatment given by medical practitioners to patients with these diseases are mostly palliatives, designed only to remove the symptoms but not to totally cure them. Hence, sometimes patients who are beset with these diseases seek other forms of treatments like herbal treatments and other alternative medicines.

Medical science sometimes sports a highbrow attitude towards alternative treatments, although some patients really are cured due to alternative medicines. It may not be wise, however, to readily dismiss the efficacy of alternative treatments for reasons that they do not strictly follow the scientific method.

The Power of the Mind to Cure Bodily Remedies

One form of alternative medicine is yoga. According to yoga experts, yoga is the science of correct breathing and perfect control of the mind. Yogists also say that diseases are caused by the negative energies or habits of the mind, and if you can discipline your mind, you can also discipline the cells of your body. There may be some truth in this claim, though it is still not proven scientifically.

Émile Coué and Autosuggestion

When Émile Coué, the famous French psychologist, arrived in the U.S. in the early 20th century, he lectured about autosuggestion, claiming that if you believe you are healthy, your mind will tell your body to become healthy too. So, thousands of patients went to him hoping to get cured. He was able to cure several hundred patients using autosuggestion, but he was also unable to cure several hundred more. According to Napoleon Hill—the author of the famous book Think and Grow Rich—Coué couldn’t cure some people because they were not convinced about the power of the mind to change and cure bodily maladies. Hill further added that faith is needed to get cured.

Science and Healing

We haven’t discovered yet the true potential of the human mind. Even though the human mind has already achieved much, we still don’t truly understand its full potential. There are, however, some medical practitioners who believe that autosuggestion may be effective. Many of them are now using techniques that correlate bodily maladies with the mental state of a person.

Medical Science and Health Care Education

Many deadly human diseases were cured when medical science began to understand their causes. Chicken pox, for example, which killed millions of people before, is now curable after its cause—the virus varicella-zoster—had been identified and a vaccine was created for it. Measles is another example of a disease that was once deadly, but now is highly curable.

The progress in medical science no doubt has done its part in the prevention and curing of many diseases. Hence, we owe so much to medical science for the improvements in contemporary health care. Health Care Education is necessary to prevent diseases — the more educated people are about proper health care, the better they will be able to cope with diseases, and the better they can protect themselves from the onset of various diseases.

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