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As a woman gets older, she loses some of her curves as well as her confidence. A lot of women today have decided to look into cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery is breast enhancement or breast augmentation. Women in the Chicago area considering breast enhancement surgery naturally want an experienced and respected surgeon to perform the procedure.

The quality of the physician might mean the difference between a successful surgery and one that does not meet the patient’s expectations. So women in the region looking for the best breast augmentation in Chicago should make sure they carefully research the qualifications and reputation of any candidate surgeons.

The basics

Breast augmentation, which involves filling the breast with implants, might be desired for a variety of reasons. Some women are simply unsatisfied with the size of their breasts and want a fuller and more balanced figure. Clothes that fit poorly may cause women to contemplate breast augmentation.

For example, clothes that fit well around the hips may be too big in the chest for women with a smaller bust. Life changes can also lead some people to start thinking about breast enhancement. Women who have had children may not like the changes in their breasts brought about by pregnancy. Other common reasons for bust augmentation include breasts that are noticeably different in size and to improve confidence.


Breast enhancement surgery does not necessarily resolve all the physical problems with the bust. Drooping breasts are not corrected by augmentation but need a procedure, called a bust lift. The lift might be done at the same time as the enhancement or a different time, depending on the particular circumstances. The surgeon can advise the patient on the best way to proceed after he examines her.

What to Expect

The examination, in addition to the physician inspecting and perhaps photographing the breasts, will include questions for the patient about her medical history as well as any allergies she has and any medications she is taking. The surgeon will also want to know if the patient has a history of breast cancer in her family and whether she intends to try to become pregnant soon. Pregnancy can change the configuration of the bust. It is very important that the patient is open to the surgeon and provides complete and detailed information.

Chicago area women who are in good health, and have sound reasons for wanting to enhance their breasts have every reason to expect good results from the surgery when it is done by a qualified plastic surgeon. Finding the best breast augmentation in Chicago may involve a little time and effort, but the rewards will last for years to come.