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Top 3 Common Reasons to Make an Injury Claim



There are a ridiculous number of cases whereby somebody gets hurt when it is not their fault, and they don’t claim. You will be surprised at how often you are actually entitled to compensation. Take a look at the top 3 most common reasons you should make an injury claim.

Whip Lash from a Car Accident

When somebody experiences a car crash, it is very common to think that you got off lightly. However, the symptoms for whiplash don’t occur instantly. They can take around 6-12 hours to develop, and it will get much worse as time goes on.

Whiplash is often considered to be a minor injury. The reality of it is, you can experience whiplash that actually dramatically damages your quality of life.  547,405 people claimed for whiplash in the UK for 2011 alone, making this one of the most common reasons compensation is paid out.

If you experience even minor symptoms for whiplash from a car crash, it is worth investigating whether you are entitled to claim. After all, everybody else is!

Accidents at Work

If you have an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, and you can prove it; then you are highly likely to be entitled to compensation. Accidents at work can be caused by a number of people:

  • Your employer
  • A fellow employee
  • Another company based on your work.

Over one million people suffer an accident at work every year. From the most minor of injuries to life-changing accidents, it is worth investigating whether you are entitled to anything.

Cycling Accident

Cyclists are ridiculously vulnerable on the road. People are constantly looking out for cyclists and bikes like they are for other cars. The most common reasons that allow you to claim to include the following:

  • A car doesn’t leave enough space when overtaking.
  • Drivers’ not checking mirrors when turning left or right causing them to collide with a cyclist.
  • Cars pulling out of a junction without looking properly.
  • A cycle path or road is poorly maintained, causing a cyclist to fall.
  • Somebody walks into the road, in front of an oncoming cyclist.

These common incidents can cause life-threatening situations for cyclists. They are entitled to claim if it is not their fault, and they should.

You can find out if you were entitled to any of the claims described above for free. If you feel that you are entitled to some sort of compensation, it makes sense to investigate.