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Popular Body Contouring Procedures



If you are considering body contouring surgery, it is advisable to conduct full research before committing yourself. Find information on your consultant and request case studies on past procedures. With this under your belt, you can be confident of finding the best options available.

Here are some of the most prevalent procedures and the likely reasons for opting to go under the knife for each:

Abdominal Etching

If your stomach consists of strong abs, these may not be visible due to them being covered by excess skin and fat. Abdominal etching will successfully sculpt the area of attention, consequently surfacing your six-pack muscles which may have been ‘hidden’ all those years!

Bicep/Tricep Implants

There is only a certain level of muscle growth which can be achieved through exercise and toning. For that added definition and mass you crave, bicep and tricep implants will usually accomplish all. Implants consist of soft silicon, improving the look as well as the feel of your arm muscles.

Body Fat Transfers

If you feel you have top-heavy or disproportionate body features, body fat transfers provide a natural method for rounding off the edges of any part of your body which you may feel uncomfortable with. This procedure is regarded as biocompatible and non-allergenic.

Body Implants

Body implant treatment is an effective modern process of remedial plastic surgery. This corrective surgery can only be performed by a select few consultants as it requires specialist expertise. With this surgery, you can expect enhanced muscle definition and correction of imbalanced portions of the body.

Body Lift

This surgery is usually most beneficial following dramatic weight loss after bariatric surgery such as the insertion of a gastric balloon, but can also be effective following childbirth. A lower body lift is an exceptional method of contouring the stomach, bottom, and thighs.

Bra-Line Back Lift

Relatively new, this procedure removes unsightly rolls of fat which may appear on the backs of women caused by sun exposure, weight loss, or simply age. The scar from surgery is cleverly hidden underneath the bra straps.


Hormonal fluctuations in women can induce cellulite, as physiological changes occur to the subcutaneous fat layers. The Westbourne Centre in Birmingham posted booklets last year which noted that the complete eradication of cellulite is extremely difficult, hence why treatments require frequent visits and not simply a set amount; there is no known cure for cellulite.