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Animals: Beautifully Useful!



Everything you need to know about esas

Animals are great for many things. Whether it is providing companionship, helping us out with manual labor or being the centerpiece to a lovely roast, they’re ace.

However, these functions tend to be fairly conventional and well known. What’s really interesting about the usefulness of animals is when we get into the ways they help us look great. There is a whole world of wonder in the way we use some strange animal by-products for the purposes of beautifying ourselves…

Perfume – Sperm Whale

Ever heard of ambergris? If not then know this. It’s used in the manufacture of perfume and sometimes even eaten as a rare treat for those with means. This stuff doesn’t come cheap and is colloquially referred to as the ‘gold of the sea’. But what is it? Whale poop.

Yes, ambergris is whale poop or vomit depending on which end it came out of. Nice. It’s actually a waxy type secretion that the whales produce in their guts to protect them from sharp things they swallow. It’s ‘distributed’ by the whale through, well the way you’d expect and coughing.

While it’s pretty nasty when it first exits the beast, it soon acquires a sweet and pleasant fragrance that has been used in expensive perfumes for years.

Face Cream – Sheep

So you’re wondering what bit of sheep can be found in your face cream? The chances are that actually there aren’t any sheep bits in your beauty regime. Unless you’re a fan of particular expensive treatments…

A particular serum used for facials has the core ingredient of sheep placenta. These come from super pure sheep raised in New Zealand. The stem cells contained within the cream are believed to be extremely beneficial due to their nutrients which fight free radical damage. Mrs. Beckham swears by it apparently.

Hair Treatment – Bulls

Care to hazard a guess at which part of the bull will help out your dry and damaged locks? Here’s a clue it doesn’t involve borrowing his conditioner, well, not exactly. You see hairdressers for a long time have been trying to match the protein in hair with rejuvenating high-end serums and they’ve come pretty close. Thanks to bull semen.

It is a mixture of protein from a plant called Katera and bull semen, which is applied liberally and leaves hair refreshed, strengthened, full and glossy. Basically all the things you want your hair to be.

Are you ready to make whale poop, sheep placenta, and bull semen part of your beauty regime?