Top Winter Beauty Tips


Walking into the office sporting the typical ‘just walked through a hurricane’ hair-do is a typical sign that winter has most definitely arrived; and while this is a quintessential tradition for any woman living in Britain –there are lots of tips you can follow to kick traditions icy derriere. If you want to say ‘no’ to flaky skin, chapped lips, brittle nails and the popular ‘hair-stuck-to-lip-gloss’ look, then you’ll need these amazing little tips to beat the winter chills.

Fighting Back Against Flaky Skin

Bracing icy winds to be plunged into a hot office is not good. Simple put –it dries out your skin, makes it look dull and gives it that tired, worn-look which ages even the most youthful. You don’t need to contend with this though, because there are a few steps you can take to rejuvenate your skin and revive that glowing look you love so much.

– Drinks LOTS of water; it hydrates the skin and keeps you looking fresh
– Exfoliate; remove dead skin cells before they have a chance to build up, block pores and cause spots.
– Moisturise; moisturise day and night to keep your skin hydrated.

When it comes to choosing your moisturisers it’s vital that you shop around; it doesn’t matter if you go for the most expensive moisturiser in the shop because if it doesn’t suit your skin type it won’t help. So, first things first – what skin type do you have? Oily, dry or a combination? Once you’ve identified your skin type you can then start looking around.

Top Tip; if you skin is feeling really dry and sensitive avoid moisturises with scents and which are suitable for sensitive skin

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Frizzy Hair


High winds and central heating result in dry, frizzy hair. For those that don’t know – dry hair is a complete nightmare when it comes to styling and controlling it, and while it’s okay for Halloween it’s not a good look for everyday living. The answer – conditioner! Okay, so it sounds like the simplest solution in the world, but it really does work. Plus, you can use smoothing serums to settle down any stray hairs to keep you looking beautiful.

Important; don’t over-use the serum you’ll end up with greasy locks that no-one will want to tussle for you.

Brittle Nails? Eh Oh!

Brittle nails are the worse. It’s official. They start of being a nuisance and end with painful cuticles and nails which break far too low. But you can stop all of this from happening – all you need to do is lay of the nail varnish for a few weeks and moisturise your cuticles. It’s that simple.

Cracked & Chapped Lips

The ultimate turn-off chapped lips are source of concern for many a woman – so why aren’t you running to your local beauty store to stock up on lip balm? Lip gloss is not the answer, and for those of you who are interested, my personal favourite is Carmex cherry lip balm. It smells great and soothes away any chapped lips in an instant.

So what are you waiting for? Forget about running to the shops for Christmas presents, go to your local beauty shop and stock up on products because this winter is going to be long, and only those who are fully stocked are going to survive. Happy hunting beauty lovers and good luck!

This article was written by Copywriter Gayle Brown on behalf of Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes; the online beauty store filled with lots of cheap perfumes and beauty products.


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