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How To Tame Frizzy Hair



Frizzy hair is a common problem and something which many of us suffer. Whether it is all year round or just when the humidity is high when we go on holiday, there are a few things you can do to help.

What causes frizzy hair?

  1. Hair type – hair that is naturally wavy or curly tends to be frizzier than hair that is naturally very straight.
  2. Hair condition – if you have long hair, you are likely to get frizzy hair at times. Long hair has had a lot of brushing, heat, and styling which can damage the hair and cause split ends. The short hairs from these split end then stick out halfway down your hair which makes it appear frizzy.
  3. Environment – humidity is the biggest culprit for frizzy hair

How do you tame the frizz?

Washing: Use a hydrating, repairing shampoo to help those pesky flyaway hairs. When your hair is nourished, it’s less likely to react to any humidity. Try to limit washing your hair to at least every other day – the natural oils that your body produces will help to condition the scalp and hair follicles.

Styling: If you have naturally curly hair, then try enhancing your curls using a product that separates and smooth’s curls such as mousses and creams. This will fight frizz and keep your curls looking more refined.

For those with straight hair with frizz, use a serum or relaxing balm to smooth and control the hair. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm is ideal as it delivers incredible memory whilst fighting frizz. It displaces water and constricts hair to speed up drying time as well as having a humidity-resistant ingredient.

Let your hair air dry as often as possible. But if a blow-dry is needed, use a heat protector as too much heat can cause damaged ends and even more frizz! If you wear human hair extensions, this is also necessary as hair extensions will lack moisture too so be sure to use a heat protector and leave-in conditioning sprays as often as possible.

Treatment: Regular conditioning treatments and hair masks are great to help manage frizz. Use a moisturizing treatment that focuses on smoothing hair. A deep conditioner after washing your hair will also help as it will coat the hairs shaft so it is less able to soak up any humidity in the air.

Moroccanoil (or any Argan Oil product) is also great to use even on dry hair as well as wet. Just use it on the mid to end sections to give some moisture to your locks after you have styled your hair. It’s a great way to help smooth any little fly away pieces.