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Top 5 Health Experts You Should Follow On Twitter



Twitter can be a great resource for everything from ranting about your day to hearing the newest celebrity gossip, but what about for health advice too? With the ever-increasing number of people using Twitter, it’s no surprise that many different health professionals have taken to using their computers and phones to update their feed daily, dishing out tips to anyone willing to follow them, and in today’s world, free advice is often as good as it gets.

Unfortunately, with the million-plus users currently on Twitter, it can be hard to know just who to follow for the best daily updates and information. Here’s a list of five of the best and most followed health experts currently using their Twitter feed.


Well known for her vast nutritional knowledge, Vicky Laney runs a Twitter feed that features several tweets a day about diet, nutrition, and all of the latest news on what’s hot in the health world. She often features posts about everything from the newest superfood to natural remedies for chronic diseases. Her vast knowledge and reliable tweets have amassed her a following of over 14,000 users.


A certified Holistic Nutritionist and Power Plate Trainer, Linda Miner has been followed by more than 21,000 Twitter users. Based out of Vancouver, her daily tweets are almost strictly diet based, offering multiple different updates and tips a day, free for any Twitter user who follows her.


Mark Sisson, a former professional-triathlete, is one of the most highly followed Twitter health professionals, with over 40,000 followers. He posts about both general health and fitness on a daily basis, as well as updating his own personal blog with helpful information for anyone looking to improve their lifestyles or keep up the healthy one they’ve already started.


Run by Bob Harper, of The Biggest Loser fame, @MyTrainerBob is the most followed health professional account currently on Twitter, with almost 350,000 followers. His Twitter feed is consistently updated with health advice, as well as inspirational quotes and links to his many different YouTube videos, all of which provide excellent advice for anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle. His fame has not only helped him gain popularity but the trust of thousands of Twitter users looking to better themselves.


A motivation and fitness expert from California, Joe Gigantino has gained a growing following with Twitter enthusiasts for his consistent posts about nutrition, effective workouts, and even love. Often coming off as someone simply trying to give advice, many health-concerned people follow his feed to get his opinion on what works for him on everything from healthy meals to family help.

Following these health professionals on Twitter not only provides you with free nutrition and workout advice but a glimpse into the lives of some of the healthiest humans on the planet. Using Twitter as more than just a website to see what’s new with your favorite people can not only help your mindset but your whole body’s health as well!