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Rules For A Healthy Diet



So what constitutes a healthy diet? It is difficult to classify a healthy diet for an individual, because we all have different body types. However, do not fear, there are a few universal rules that will ensure you are able to lose the extra kilograms.

One needs to remember that the best way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism. Your metabolism refers to the rate at which your body absorbs and uses the food you eat. A slow metabolism generally is associated with heavier people, while a fast metabolism would be a person that cannot gain weight no matter what they eat, as their body burns the calories as fast as you take them in.

Tip Number One – Always Drink Water

Your body make-up is seventy-six percent of water. Your brain, muscles, tissues, joints and immune system all need water to function properly – remember you cannot exercise when you are injured or sick. Therefore, it is your best interest to always be drinking water.

The first rule of your diet is always to start your day with water and from then on keeping drinking. A recent study in men’s fitness forum revealed that having five hundred milliliters of water as soon as you start your day, will boost your metabolism for up to half an hour. Furthermore, you need to drink a minimum of two liters of water a day.

Tip Number Two – Always Be Eating

No, when you hear this, it does not mean that this gives you a license to eat anything and everything. The average person manages to eat between two and three meals a day, usually skipping one as they simply do not have the energy or desire to make food.

However, the good news is that you can increase your metabolism, remember- your body’s own fat burner. Having between five and six small high protein and low-fat meals is the ideal way to boost your metabolism and lose weight. The upside is you will feel like you are eating more and therefore, you will feel fuller.

This best meal plan for you would see you eating a high amount of vegetables and lean protein. Lean protein would be chicken breasts, fish, eggs, and other sources of protein that do not have a high amount of fat incorporated into the food. For instance, having a beef steak would be an example of high protein food, but also a high in fat and cholesterol food. Remember your diet starts in the kitchen, you are what you eat…

Tip Number Three – Get Moving

First, you need to go back to tip one for this one. Remember we said you need to drink two liters a day, while when you exercise you sweat and become dehydrated, so common sense would say you need to drink more water. However, how much do you drink?

For every half an hour you exercise you need to drink an extra two hundred and fifty milliliters of water. This means if you exercise for an hour a day, you need to be drinking two and a half liters of water a day.

On to exercise now, the best fat loss workouts incorporate weighted and cardiovascular training. This would be using weights to increase your muscle strength and the cardiovascular increases your fitness. Remember that weights do not automatically mean you will pick up weight when you lift weights it increase your metabolism for up to forty-eight hours after the gym session. This combined with running/walking/cycling/swimming will ensure you become fitter and stronger.

To conclude, remember when you decide to get fit and lose weight this is a long term process. Your body will take twice as long to lose the weight than it took to pick up the weight. The reason for this is your body has a memory of its own and it will fight this new lifestyle, simply because it is not used to it. Push through and you will see fantastic results.